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Nexthink Integrate

Seamlessly embed Digital Employee Experience across your entire IT ecosystem

Breathe life into your IT program

Integrate your IT infrastructure with an end-user perspective so you can boost Digital Employee Experience, improve service delivery and accelerate troubleshooting. Nexthink Integrate provides an efficient way to share real-time end-user data and insights with powerful third-party software solutions via our web API and certified prebuilt integrations.

Integration made simple

Our interface makes it easy to query your database in real time and enrich your IT ecosystem with the power of Nexthink. We pride ourselves on our seamless integrations and their ability to firmly embed into your existing business processes and IT infrastructure. We provide remote actions that can trigger 3rd-party self-service portals and ticketing systems alongside investigation-based alerts.

Integrate with industry-leading ITSM providers & Chatbot technologies

Take ServiceNow to the next level
The best ITSM tool in the market is only as good as the data it can gather. Tap into the Digital Employee Experience.
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Enrich your Splunk Visibility
Add the missing piece to your machine data and unlock worlds of end-user computing information.
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Enhance your chatbot
Upgrade your chatbot with Nexthink intelligence to make them smarter, faster and more accurate.
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Ready to take your IT landscape to the next level?