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nexthink Integrate

Enrich Your IT Ecosystem With Digital Employee Experience Data

Breathe life into your business processes

Seamlessly embed real-time experience data and key Nexthink capabilities into your current IT ecosystem. Access user, device, application and network insight from any of your preferred IT solutions and chatbot technologies to enhance your specific business or IT processes.

Correlate Nexthink analytics with other data sources, optimize IT Service Management tools, enhance Service Desk efficiency or enable employee chatbot self-healing.

The possibilities are endless.

Asset Management Chatbots Incident Management I T SM Analytics CMDB SIEM Visualization

Integrate with your preferred 3rd party IT solutions

Maximize your investment with leading IT solutions and technologies

Optimize your ServiceNow capabilities
Upgrade your ServiceNow environment with unique Nexthink data, insight and capabilities. Easily enhance Incident Management, Agent Workspace, CMDB, Event Management and your Virtual Agent.
Enrich Splunk analytics
Enrich your Splunk platform with key employee experience insight to add a new layer of visibility. Leverage employee-centric analytics to improve decision making.
Enhance employee chatbot self-help
Enhance your chatbot with Nexthink intelligence and remediation capabilities to make it smarter, faster and more accurate.
Manage events that matter
Transform Nexthink data into meaningful events to improve 3rd party event management, analytics and visualization tools.

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