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End-to-end visibility from
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Nexthink Application Experience changes the game for IT

The Power of Being Proactive

When IT is under pressure to make it all work, your next move matters. Discover all the real-time insight you need to resolve all kinds of disruptions before they happen.

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Nexthink Experience

The cloud-native platform for managing digital employee experience

Nexthink Experience pinpoints issues and solutions, automates response and helps you continuously improve the employee experience.

Real-time Analytics & Insights

Obtain real-time, actionable insights into every employee and activity, at every moment - across devices, operating systems, and any workplace location.

Targeted Employee Engagement

Conduct hyper-targeted, contextual employee engagements, correlating sentiment with technical insights to reveal unreported issues and drive awareness and self-help campaigns.

Benchmarking and Proactive Improvement

Score and baseline the experience of internal groups, and use prioritized recommendations to proactively improve experience across the organization.

Automated Remediation

Implement AI-driven, contextual recommendations based on precise findings of issues across users, devices and infrastructure to drive better employee experiences.

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apetito: from reactive IT to proactive IT

Across two years, frozen-food giant apetito transformed their IT services from being in a state of perpetual reaction, to a position where they can both anticipate and meet the needs of their end users. Here Andre Spölming (IT Lead, IT Service Desk, apetito) shares the details of this journey.

Andre Spölming

IT Lead, IT Service Desk, apetito

How a major US telecom company reimagined IT

Following his customer keynote at Experience '19 New York, Andrew Cohen - Senior Manager in Digital Workplace Services at a major US telecoms provider - explained how the Nexthink platform facilitated a more proactive approach to IT and a completely new structure for his IT team.

Andrew Cohen

Senior Manager in Digital Workplace Services

Johnson & Johnson: a frictionless IT Experience

Following customer keynote appearances at Experience ’19 London and New York, here Bhavin Shah (Application Service Desk Manager, Johnson & Johnson) explains the importance of Digital Employee Experience at one of the world’s biggest healthcare companies.

Bhavin Shah

Application Service Desk Manager

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