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Remote Worker Experience


With remote working becoming an increasing trend worldwide, having to adapt to a large-scale remote workforce can generate new challenges across the enterprise. With remote workers dependent on their digital tools for productivity and collaboration, ensuring a great digital employee experience is critical. Nexthink aggregates both technical and sentiment data, enabling IT teams to monitor and manage their employees’ digital experiences, remote or otherwise.

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Prepare your remote landscape Make sure your infrastructure—and workforce—is ready for a remote experience.

Enable IT to verify their remote ecosystem readiness with a detailed breakdown of what your remote workers will need to have a successful digital experience. Gain real-time visibility into critical components such as security, VPN, device or versioning status before and during your remote transition.

Manage the Remote Working Experience Make use of an arsenal of digital experience management capabilities to prevent remote experience degradation

Make use of remote working digital experience scores to Gain a complete 360˚ view of your remote ecosystem to ensure remote employees are able to stay productive, collaborate with their colleagues, receive the necessary IT support and, most importantly, have a great digital experience.

Ensure Critical Services Performance Enable an office-like productivity, collaboration and network quality

Monitor your critical remote working services in real time to monitor, manage and sustain the productivity and collaboration of your remote workers. Leverage dashboards, metrics and trend analysis of device types, collaboration tool performance, network response times and many more detailed breakdowns to facilitate remote diagnosis and remediation.

Engage for insight and support Open a 2-way direct communication channel with your remote workforce

Engage with your remote workers to gather sentiment insight and facilitate the communication of technical or general announcements. Send out tailored Engage campaigns to check-in on remote employees to see better understand their situation and provide direct assistance.

Deliver a world-class remote DEX