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Why Nexthink

The complexity of end-user IT services has increased exponentially in recent years and IT departments have lost the visibility of both the end-user infrastructure and the end-user experience.

The traditional way to monitor quality of services and reduce incidents has been a mix of network and application monitoring with some synthetic transaction monitoring.

Nexthink offers a fresh approach to this age-old IT problem – by ensuring a great digital experience from the end-user perspective.

Traditional Way: Monitor how networks and applications perform

Nexthink Way: We monitor how end-users experience and perceive IT

One Unified Platform

Using our solution, hundreds of IT departments effectively balance offering a productive and enjoyable end-user experience with making the right decisions to secure and transform the digital workplace.

Nexthink offers IT teams one, unified platform that works seamlessly with your existing IT systems.

Get control of your end-user assets

We make sure that IT departments and IT systems like CMDB, SIEM and others have an up-to-date inventory of all end-user assets. This inventory view offers both a real-time and historic view and includes all dependencies between users, devices and applications for a complete picture.

Accelerate employee digital transformation

Migrating to the cloud, to Windows 10 or even Skype for Business are complex projects impacting thousands of end users. With Nexthink data, you can make sure your projects are properly planned, tracked and all problems are identified and corrected.

Reduce dramatically your end-user incidents

With Nexthink, your service management team will reduce incidents, cost and frustration. By decreasing time to resolution for your L1 and L2 Support, introducing self-help technology and automatic remediation (self-healing), your IT team can become its most effective.

Fix security threats automatically

Nexthink is the best companion for your existing anti-virus and malware detection. With Nexthink, you will ensure that when a security or compliance incident is detected, IT teams can isolate, block or react properly eliminating the risk of threat propagation, data loss or business disruption. Our capability to search historical data makes our technology the most powerful one when it comes to forensics analysis on end-user devices.

Getting Started is Simple

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