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Import and Export Strategic Insight

Make Nexthink a single source of truth

Import 3rd party data into Nexthink or export DEX intelligence to any of your preferred IT solutions to enhance your IT, business and employee experience activities.

Export DEX insight wherever you need

Leverage official connectors and flexible APIs to export Nexthink intelligence and capabilities to your preferred 3rd party tools.

Compliance, visibility, business analytics, asset optimization, change management… you name it.

Import 3rd party data into Nexthink

Import 3rd party performance data into Nexthink to correlate with all of your employee experience intelligence.

Gain unprecedented visibility and troubleshooting capabilities by accessing multiple data sources from a single platform.

Define and automate alerts and events to external solutions

Leverage webhooks and event management integrations to automatically push all kinds of changes, alerts, incidents, or requests from Nexthink.

Make these events visible and accessible to your ServiceDesk team from any ITSM or 3rd party tool.