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IT Initiatives

Desktop Virtualization

Delivering better experiences for Citrix, Microsoft WVD, VMware Horizon, and Amazon Workspaces, from assessment to operations


Both VDI and SBC are complex and risk-filled undertakings. Nexthink helps ensure success throughout the entire project lifecycle. IT can properly assess resource requirements, support ongoing operations (through rich visibility, efficient troubleshooting, and automated remediation), and measure sentiment throughout the entire process. Nexthink’s ability to correlate insights across virtual and physical environments and combine it with employee sentiment changes the equation for IT!

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Considering Virtualization? Plan a flawless strategy

Use Nexthink to get a clear picture of how users are interacting with their devices and applications, and identify virtualization suitability based on resource consumption (CPU, memory, I/O), mobility and other factors. Nexthink shows you how users align to virtualization-relevant personas, and even provides guidance on the best candidates for virtualization. You can also benchmark and monitor employees’ satisfaction before and after migration. The result? The right people receive virtual desktops and the overall project is a success.

Migrate with confidence Move forward with visibility and control

Manage the impact of virtualization on the employee experience in real time throughout the migration, using pre-built dashboards covering both technical metrics and employee sentiment. Monitor performance and experience before and after migration, and use side-by-side comparisons of virtual and physical environments to quickly identify any performance or satisfaction issues, which Nexthink can then help you resolve.
For more information on how Nexthink helps identify and troubleshoot issues with virtual desktops, please read this this blog post.

Worry-free production Manage a reliable virtual desktop estate

Ensure your virtual desktops are running smoothly, with visibility into virtual device and application performance, image performance, vendor-specific metrics and employee sentiment. Use this insight to proactively detect and resolve issues, and even benefit from intelligent recommendations on how to further improve experience across the virtual estate.

Windows Virtual Desktop Nexthink officially integrates with Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop solution

By correlating technical performance and employee sentiment data, Nexthink provides employee-centric visibility across the entire Windows Virtual Desktop landscape. With real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation, IT teams can ensure a fast and reliable planning and migration process.
Learn more here about how Nexthink helps improve experience for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments.

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