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IT Initiatives

Desktop Virtualization

Optimize employee experience based on facts, not gut feelings. Citrix, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces—we have you covered.

Delivering a fantastic experience to every employee

Desktop Virtualization solutions promise great benefits for IT. However, user acceptance is the number one reason these projects fail.  At Nexthink, we believe that all employees should have a great digital experience regardless of the type of desktop they use.

Nexthink shines a light on all aspects of every single employee’s digital journey. As a result, you can make informed decisions resulting in an optimized experience for everyone.

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Where do you start? Plan the perfect strategy

With an ever-increasing variety of desktop virtualization solutions available, choosing the right combination of options, and perfectly sizing them for every employee, has become increasingly complex. A successful strategy requires a continuous understanding of every employee’s needs, preferences, and traits to avoid costly assumptions. Achieve the perfect balance of what employees need versus the resources required to support them.

Are your employees satisfied? Migrate employees with confidence

As employees are moved to virtual desktop environments, their approval is the highest priority of your project. Successful migrations must ensure that employees feel listened to, are happy and are not suffering in silence. Easily compare the experience delivered between pilot groups and all modes of computing to highlight areas of improvement before migrating at scale. Understand what went right and what can be improved by measuring performance and proactively engaging your employees.

Are you always making the best decisions? Put employee experience at the center of your decision making

Operational tools focusing on infrastructure availability and performance do not provide visibility of what really matters. Successful production environments require a continuous focus on the experience delivered to every employee. Nexthink brings end-to-end visibility of every employee’s usage, with insights into their virtual sessions, network performance, virtual infrastructure, operating systems and the applications they are using. By focusing on what matters, you can quickly and simply identify the scale and impact of issues across all domains, drive faster issue resolution and continuously improve the experience for everyone.

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