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Customer Spotlight

The Nexthink Customer Journey

Hear from real Nexthink customers where they’ve come from – and where they’re going.

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Our Customers

Real IT professionals on how Nexthink helps solve their challenges




My goal became instantly different overnight. Here I am facing thousands of users who suddenly need to collaborate 100% digitally. - Tori Paulman, Director if IT Client Services, Pegasystems

Nexthink customers talk: through the pandemic

With Nexthink we have been able to turn the lights on in a dark room. - Scott Pope, Global Infrastructure Operations Manager, Tokio Marine

Nexthink customers talk: the data journey

For the first time we actually have five generations in the workplace…so you have to adapt to these varying needs. - Khurem Goheer, Technology Director, Architecture and Strategy

Nexthink customers talk: productivity and IT

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