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Nexthink for Chatbots

Extend your chatbot’s capabilities with Nexthink’s powerful analytics and remediation capabilities

Integrate Nexthink intelligence into any chatbot adapter and interface to automate, scale and optimize your Digital Employee Experience

Employee interface

Keep your employee’s preferred interface.

Chatbot platform

Integrate with any chatbot technology

Backend systems

Nexthink intelligence as data source

Greater intelligence

Increase resolution rates with in-context diagnoses and simplify automatic diagnosis with key infrastructure and device data

Better accuracy

Provide greater context to support cases impacting employees by providing key device, infrastructure and user data – dramatically decreasing the amount of information needed from the user before diagnosing their issue.

Increased speed

Remediate issues in a matter of seconds without straining your workforce by empowering your chatbot to take direct and automated actions to solve issues and submit tickets for employees on a 24/7 basis.

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