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Powerful troubleshooting and remediation

The Problem

Routine employee IT issues are bogging down your service desk and frustrating employees

With Nexthink

Automate remediation and empower your employees with self-healing

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Servicenow One-click fixes
Self Healing
The Problem

Routine employee IT issues are bogging down your service desk and frustrating employees

The Solution

Nexthink customers are leveraging hundreds of automated actions to deliver dramatic results in the area of compliance and incident management.

Remediation made simple

Give your support desk the ability to remotely resolve incidents using an extensive catalog of one-click or automated actions to fix common IT issues, install important software, update critical services and much more. Quickly extend your capabilities by adding your own customized remediation scripts to the catalog.

Lightspeed troubleshooting

Quickly retrieve any specific device data that you need across both Windows and Mac platforms. Gain a granular level of insight into the health of any device and enhance the diagnosis of complex incidents to drastically reduce ticket count and give valuable time back to your support teams.

Help your employees help themselves

Empower your employees to automatically resolve common IT issues through targeted campaigns delivering self-help information and automated remediation guidance.

Powerful, versatile and scalable

Nexthink Act provides the capabilities you need to go from problem to solution in a matter of seconds, regardless of employee location. A user-friendly interface allows you to import, configure and schedule scripts for execution on any employee endpoint.

Prior to Nexthink, my agents would spend 7-10 minutes logging into various screens while troubleshooting common service desk problems

Steve Amos

IT Director

Start proactively eliminating incidents before they escalate