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Nexthink Library

Extend and enhance Nexthink with our ever-growing Library of ready to use content packs and integrations.

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Administrators Management

Manage your administrators and reduce your security risks.

Application Auto-Start Impact

With this pack, gain visibility on applications startup impact and then disable the one not required.

Application Management

Remotely manage installation and un-installation of applications on devices using Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) or custom software installers. Gather the last application crash detail as well.

Application Stability

Ask your users to help you understand the context of application instability.

Azure AD Registration Check

Gets the device status regarding the connection to Azure Active Directory.

Battery Status

Get the battery status to diagnose battery health, capacity for possible replacements and modify power plan.


Allows to manage plugins, clear and set configuration settings, get the default browser in the system as well as the number of tabs opened.

Certificate Management

Provide information about certificates like its validity.

Chatbot Content Pack

Make your Chatbot smarter by adding this Nexthink Library together with the Nexthink chatbot SDK to diagnose and remediate the most common end-user devices’ issues.

Cisco AnyConnect

Obtain vpn information from Cisco's AnyConnect VPN service.

Citrix Management

Investigate Citrix platform usage in the environment and retrieve Virtual Applications round-trip time.

Client Change Management

Change is the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT Services. It could include the deployment of a new operating system, security patches, new applications and so on.

CMDB Connector for ServiceNow

Nexthink CMDB Connector gives ServiceNow users access to Nexthink data, offering more accurate IT asset and dependency information. With this integration, companies can synchronize the Configuration Items they manage through Nexthink with their ServiceNow instance. Users can browse linked information related to computers, services, software and users directly from their ServiceNow instance for a more […]

Collector Configuration

Perform remote troubleshooting and maintenance of Nexthink Collectors on the devices.

Collector Management

Better manage your Nexthink infrastructure in terms of inventory, updates and troubleshooting of the Nexthink Collectors installed in your environment.

Device Compliance

Nexthink allows you to track trends in device compliance across your organization.

Device Compliance Advanced

Nexthink allows you to track trends in device compliance across your organization.

Device Network Isolation

Restrict or restore network access using Windows Firewall policies.

Device Performance (Deprecated)

Quickly gain oversight of your devices' performance ratings, identify areas of improvement and take action.

Digital Experience Score

Measure and improve the Digital Experience of your employees.

Digital Experience Score – User sentiment

Pack containing the sentiment part of the Digital Experience library pack.

Digital Experience Score – without Campaign

Measure and improve the Digital Experience of your employees.

Digital Experience Score for macOS

Measure and improve the Digital Experience of your employees.

Digital Experience Score for macOS – without campaign

Measure and improve the Digital Experience of your employees.

Disk Cleanup

Obtain information about certain files (size and path), remove unnecessary files such as temporary, cached or deleted, memory dumps and unused user profiles from devices.

Disk Encryption

Improve the security of your devices by managing data encryption with Microsoft BitLocker.

Dissatisfaction insight

This library pack provides a means for IT teams to collect feedback regarding employee dissatisfaction by contacting them directly.

Employee Well-being

Understand the overall well-being of your employees.

Event Logs

Explore and analyze meaningful Event Log entries on the device and get an overview on the presence of events that happened in the past.

Excel to XML Category Generator

Nexthink administrators can now define a category and its associated tags and auto-tagging rules in CSV format, and then import this category into the Nexthink Finder or Portal.


Retrieve the location of any device via its public IP.

Group Policy Management

Manage Group Policies on Windows devices.

GSuite Management

Check if the Chrome plugins installed in the device are compliant.

GSuite: Advanced Health

The GSuite Advanced Health pack enables you to go in depth into the compliance and performance of GSuite impact on your Chrome Browser.

GSuite: Health

Review and remediate issues in the Production GSuite landscape.

GSuite: Sentiment

Understand the Sentiment of your employees concerning GSuite and inform them of changes in the state of the Service.

GSuite: Services

See the performance of GSuite Services individually and any problems being experienced by your Employees.

Hard resets

Identify hard reset root cause by getting employees' feedback about hard resets.

Hardware and BIOS Information

Collect information concerning Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), disk drives, RAM installed on the device, physical disks, and BIOS version and date.

Hardware asset renewal

Nexthink helps you to better manage your IT infrastructure and its lifecycle by giving you a status update on your hardware.

Hardware Asset Renewal Advanced

The Hardware Asset Renewal Advanced pack allows administrators to get the most intelligence around device renewal or replacement so that they can optimize operational costs.

Home Networking

This pack helps IT teams to better understand the home networking experience of users working remotely.

HP ArcSight

The Nexthink integration with ArcSight lets you send global alerts triggered by conditions on device or binary objects to your ArcSight server via syslog messages.

IT Governance

Simple and ready-to-use IT Governance cockpit for CIO, IT Director, IT Manager and Head of IT Operations.

Jamf Management

Provide Jamf client reinstall management.

Java Management

Investigate Java Runtime usage in the environment.

Level 1: Checklist

Ensure that devices meet the requirements of the L1 checklist to help reduce the number of incidents.

Level 1: Checklist Advanced

Proactively ensure that devices meet the requirements of the L1 checklist and act on failing score with remote actions, to help to reduce the number of incidents, which will in turn reduce the workload on the L1 support team.

Level 1: Office Checklist

Ensure that devices meet the requirements of the L1 Office checklist to help reduce the number of incidents related to Microsoft Office.

Level 2: Proactive improvement

Quickly gain oversight of your devices' performance ratings, identify areas of improvement and take action.

macOS Content Pack

Provide basic security compliance information of macOS devices.

Malware Protection

Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising.

McAfee Management

Retrieve information about the status of the McAfee Agent and enforce policy update.

Microsoft Office Information (Deprecated)

Collect MS Office-related information that will be useful for troubleshooting both Office-related and disk space issues and for managing the migration to Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Outlook

Troubleshoot several Microsoft Office Outlook issues, retrieve information about the Storage (PSTs and OSTs), obtain a list of the available plugins and configure them.

Microsoft SCCM

Integrating Nexthink with Microsoft SCCM help to: – Discover and assess your end-user computing infrastructure readiness for SCCM agent and communication – Run your SCCM environment with confidence and react quickly on issues impacting SCCM or end-users – Improve your end-user environment solving existing problems and avoid introducing new issues (e.g. patch)

Microsoft Visio and Project Management

Provides tools to uninstall Microsoft Visio and Project from the devices where they are not being used.

Mitigate CVE20191552

This pack includes a Remote Action to mitigate a known OpenSSL Vulnerability (CVE20191552).

MS Teams: Adoption

Gain an understanding of your User's adoption and satisfaction of Microsoft Teams as you deploy it across your Organization.

MS Teams: Advanced health

Gain a deeper understanding of your Teams usage and availability. Also repair or upgrade Teams Clients and understand the connection quality.

MS Teams: Health

Gain an understanding of your Teams deployment in Production, including the performance and availability, deployment status and popularity.

MS Teams: Management

Gain a deeper understanding of your Microsoft Teams usage and availability. Also repair or upgrade Teams Clients and understand the connection quality.

MS Teams: Migration

Track and monitor your Teams rollout both from a Pilot perspective and also in comparison to Skype for Business if present.

Network Drives

Retrieve and map Windows network drives.

Network Management

Obtain information about connected, disconnected and Wi-Fi adapters from a device and troubleshoot network-related issues. Perform a connection test to verify if destination is reachable over ICMP and TCP protocols. Clear the DNS cache in order to solve possible network issues.

Nexthink and ServiceNow

With Nexthink, ServiceNow consoles are populated with real-time end-user data, enabling companies to improve their incident management, problem management and IT governance. With this integration, you will be able to dramatically reduce mean time to repair, stop incidents from happening in the first place and empower your L1 service desk team to become proactive.

Nexthink for Browsers

This Chrome and Firefox plugin allows users to connect to a Nexthink Engine and retrieve data about Nexthink devices that are detected in active web pages. Once retrieved, this data is displayed in a pop-up box when the mouse is hovered over the device name in the browser.

Nexthink for Chatbots

Integrate Nexthink into your chatbots to enhance your Digital Employee Experience

Office 365 advanced

Monitor your Office 365 migration journey by monitoring network access to the Microsoft Office 365 services.

Office 365 migration

Plan and monitor your Microsoft Office 365 migration journey by monitoring impact on employees.

Office 365 ProPlus – Operate

This Pack is all about running the Production Office 365 ProPlus Environment smoothly.

Office 365 ProPlus Management

Collect Microsoft Office-related information that will be useful for troubleshooting issues and keep Office 365 installation healthy and up-to-date.

Office 365: Health

Review and remediate issues in the Production Office 365 landscape.

OfficeScan Management

This Library pack will help you to ensure an optimal compliance level for Trend Micro's OfficeScan, by making sure that latest protection definitions are applied on all devices.


OneDrive has become widely used by companies to increase the productivity of their employees. They are not only able to access their files from anywhere and any device, they also are less likely to lose work due to hardware issues.

OneDrive – Migration

Ensure the success of your migration to OneDrive by gaining valuable insights into your migration landscape.

OneDrive – Operations

Ensure the Operations of your OneDrive Production Landscape are running smoothly and compliantly.

Performance Monitor Management

Execute system analysis with Performance Monitor tool on your devices.

Print Spooler

Resolve issues with the Windows print spooler and speed up the resolution of printer issues.

Printing (deprecated)

Printing represents an important cost factor but it's also a significant opportunity to save a big chunk of operational expense estimated, in some cases, to be as much as 5% of your IT budget.

Proactive Improvement

Take a proactive approach to improving your service before issues arise or users complain.

Reduce Boot Duration

This pack will help you to reduce your boot duration and improve the Digital Experience Score by identifying the right root cause to troubleshoot.

Reduce CPU and memory usage

This library pack provides insights into high CPU and memory usage in your environment.

Reduce logon duration

With this pack, gain visibility to reduce logon duration.

Remediation Alerts for ServiceNow

Nexthink Remediation Alerts integration with ServiceNow offers the possibility of creating ServiceNow Incidents or Change Requests from the alerts defined in the Finder. The integration automatically adds the list of devices affected by the alert to the Incident or Change Request in ServiceNow.

Remote Worker Experience

Provide IT teams with complete landscape visibility and unique insight into the experience of their remote workforce.

Remote Worker Experience – Update for DEX V2

Use this pack to update your Remote Worker Experience Library Pack to support the new DEX V2 Scores.

Restart Device

Using self-healing, check device uptime or pending reboot request and present a campaign to initiate restart.

SCCM Management

Retrieve information about the SCCM-related client services and restore them if necessary. Execute the Configuration Manager repair as per Microsoft guidelines.

Scores Creator

Create leaf or composite scores on the fly! This very easy to use browser-based score creator lets you create your very own customized scores. Check it out!

Security Awareness Program

Nexthink allows you to enhance your company's security awareness with a user-centric approach built around employee risk assessment, risk education and real-time security improvements to avoid threats from occurring.

Server Basics

Nexthink helps you to better manage your infrastructure in terms of health, risks and compliance of your servers.

Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a term often used to describe IT systems and IT solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval.

Shared Categories

Shared categories are categories that are being used in several packs from the Nexthink Library.

Skype for Business Diagnostics

Analyze Skype use on devices and obtain a set of diagnostics about Skype calls in your environment.

Skype Management

Analyze the use of Skype on devices, obtain information about Skype calls quality, and copy Skype log files to a network shared folder.

SMB Monitoring

Server Message Block (SMB) services are used to provide access to file shares and printers. Low latency networks are key to ensuring a smooth experience and to keeping your users productive.


USB Audio Device Information

Obtain detailed information about connected USB audio devices to troubleshoot issues related to poor audio quality.

USB Storage Management

Configure the access to removable devices, protect your devices against virus execution and prevent the usage of removable devices.

User Access Control

Ensure the compliance by checking the Administrators group and verifying User Access Control (UAC) is enabled.

User Login Management

Troubleshoot common login issues and ensure compliance by providing information about failed logins on devices and running campaigns warning about near password expiration.

Virtualization – Citrix Advanced

Understand the Citrix Agent Registration and visualize the Sentiment of your Employees.

Virtualization – Project

This pack will support IT throughout their virtualization projects from pre-migration readiness to post-deployment checks, using unique DEX intelligence and continuous actionable landscape visibility.

Virtualization – WVD Advanced

Manage your WVD Landscape.

Virtualization Operate

Review and remediate issues in the Production Virtualized landscape.

Vulnerability Management

Update vulnerable WinRAR installation on devices to prevent malicious ACE packages to extract files in arbitrary folders.

Web API V2

A simple way to integrate Nexthink data into external systems, Web API offers a standard interface for third-party apps, making it easy to query our database - natively supported by many tools.

Webex Operate

Gain an understanding of your Webex Deployment, Usage and Stability.

Win10: Configuration

Configure which device models and which programs are critical to your business.

Win10: Health – Feature update

Migrate to the latest version (feature update) of Windows 10.

Win10: Health – Quality update

Migrate to the latest build (quality update) of Windows 10 for each version.

Win10: Migration

Analyze the current environment, plan and migrate to Windows 10.

Win10: Migration – without Campaigns

Analyze the current environment, plan and migrate to Windows 10.

Windows 10 User Experience

Customize Windows 10 settings and modify the hard-to-manage Windows 10 features that impact the user experience.

Windows Boot Information

Gather different boot time measurements to diagnose your boot times.

Windows Defender Management

This Library pack will help you ensure an optimal compliance level for Windows Defender, by making sure that latest protection definitions are applied on all devices and automatic scans are scheduled.

Windows Domain Management

Perform investigations of domain related features, such as status of joining domain, and processing status of Group Policies.

Windows Information

Provide information that is useful for troubleshooting common Windows issues and gaining better insight into the health of your devices. Also, retrieve memory dumps of BSOD errors or system/application crashes and provide a thorough diagnostic from them. Also, provide the Windows Experience Score when the precalculated score is correct, if not, it is recalculated.

Windows Management Instrumentation

Retrieve miscellaneous system data and assess the status of the devices by collecting instances of Windows Management Instrumentation classes.

Windows Registry

Retrieve or modify the value data of Windows Registry properties in order to collect or enforce information regarding, for example, device configuration, installed software and physical components.

Windows Service Information

Ensure that required services are functioning correctly by retrieving and setting the status and startup type of Windows services.

Windows Update

Ensure that all devices have installed the latest security updates by triggering Windows Update to scan for updates, detect if a device is reboot-pending, check execution status of latest Windows Feature Update and investigate its potential failure reason. Execute Microsoft patch installation using Windows Update Standalone Installer (wusa.exe).

Windows Virtual Desktop Management

Investigate WVD platform usage in the environment and retrieve some information from virtual devices.

Zoom Operate

Gain an understanding of your Zoom Deployment, Usage and Stability.