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Nexthink Event Connector

Custom management of meaningful digital employee experience events

Send real-time analytics about specific occurrences or changes of state in device or user experiences to 3rd party receivers. Configure, populate and manage experience-level events and correlate them with different data sources to gain case-specific visibility and optimize Service Desk efficiency. The Nexthink Event Connector supports three main event receivers: Splunk, ServiceNow and Azure Data Lake Storage.

Azure Data Lake

Easily export Nexthink event data to your Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 to populate your preferred 3rd party solutions. Combine and correlate external data sources with Nexthink intelligence to create unique management dashboards to make sense of complex scenarios and improve decision making.

ServiceNow Event Management

Push meaningful events to your ServiceNow Event Management console and enable your Service Desk team to take appropriate action. Convert a wide range of events, warnings and errors into problems or incident using automated alerting to better categorize, resolve and manage incoming tickets with unprecedented accuracy.

Splunk integration

Consume and digest a high frequency of events at a granular level allowing you to analyze a massive number of insights in record time. You can then correlate and visualize this data with other external data sources on custom Splunk dashboards for detailed analytics.

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