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Nexthink for Splunk

End-user insights to harness IT proactivity.


Enhance your Splunk platform with real-time insights that will help you better understand your overall IT service experience.

As anyone currently using Splunk knows, it is an excellent tool to review and understand your organization’s IT infrastructure from a systems-centric standpoint. However, Splunk alone lacks the visibility you need into your users’ access to services, applications and data, on any device and location. By combining Nexthink’s ability to collect real-time information from every end-user device with Splunk’s powerful data analysis, IT managers will now be able to quickly understand and instantly resolve their IT issues.

Recent research shows that 41 percent of organizations monitoring IT services from the user perspective are able to improve their success in preventing performance issues; while 55 percent improve the value of IT to their organizations. Gaining insight into the end-user perspective helps organizations become more proactive, leading to fewer IT incidents, faster issue resolution and improved employee engagement.

Start operating with full visibility and transparency today. The Nexthink Splunk Connector helps to:


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