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Remote Worker Experience

Manage the experience of your remote workforce.



Campaigns - 3
Categories - 10
Dashboards - 7
Investigations - 3
Metrics - 46
Remote actions - 2
Services - 4

Required Modules

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage




V6.24 and later


The Remote Worker Experience pack enables your Organization to gain complete visibility and understanding of your remotely connected employees.

The pack delivers the required readiness assessments that you will need to be sure your remote workers are compliant and will be able to work successfully. It also combines both user sentiment and real time technical data, to give a complete view of their Digital Experience as they work.

The extensive coverage of real time data, includes the connectivity, performance and stability of your remote devices and collaboration tools. The pack dashboard’s give a seamless transition from a high level summary view of activity, to deep technical detail.

The pack also uses the Nexthink Engage functionality to enable you to update your employees with any critical information or status messages as they work away from the office.

Coverage is for both MacOS and Windows. It has Skype for Business, Teams and Zoom dedicated dashboards along with Digital Experience Scores for Remote Workers and Office Workers.

To keep up with the latest community conversation on our Remote Worker Experience topics, head over to Nexthink Community where we discuss the pack and any improvements you would like to see.

Link to Configuration

  • - 27 Mar 2020 - Simpler version indicator and minor bug fix
  • - 27 Mar 2020 - Fixed Remote Action
  • - 26 Mar 2020 - Fixed typo
  • - 26 Mar 2020 - Added MacOS Support, introduced package and executable categories, Zoom support, new Engage campaigns, password expiration Remote Action and minor fixes
  • - 17 Mar 2020 - Fixed wrong version and unsigned “Test Certificate Pair Is Valid” Remote Action
  • - 17 Mar 2020 - Fixed typo
  • - 17 Mar 2020 - Initial release