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Digital Experience Score


Digital Experience Score

Latest Version:
Updated on April 5, 2022


A version of the Digital Experience Score based on hard data only, without the Nexthink Engage campaign, is available here.

Please note that the version 2.0.0+ of the library pack is only available to customers with Nexthink Experience or Nexthink V6.27+. For customers with previous versions, the installation process will automatically deploy the version 1.0.0+ of the Digital Experience score.

IMPORTANT: During an upgrade of the Digital Experience Score, you may lose your historical data under certain configurations. Please see the section below titled "upgrade process" and read it fully before upgrading. Should you require assistance please contact Nexthink Professional Services who will be happy to help.


The Digital Employee Experience can be defined as the ability of an employee to get things done by interacting with the IT environment in a productive and enjoyable manner.

By combining user sentiment with hard data retrieved from the endpoints, the Digital Experience Score provides a simple yet actionable way to both monitor the real experience of the employees with their digital workplace and identify opportunities for improvements, which might lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, reduced attrition and reduced time to market. The Digital Experience Score assesses four areas impacting the digital employee experience:

  • Device
  • Business applications
  • Productivity & collaboration tools
  • Overall employee satisfaction

More information about the Digital Experience Score can be found in the product documentation.

Installation and configuration of the library pack

The Digital Experience Score library pack requires just a couple of simple mandatory configuration steps that are described on this page.

Upgrade process

When upgrading a Nexthink Library Pack from one version to the next, particular care should be taken. Follow this link to read about the upgrade process from a version of a Library Pack to the next one.

Once you have read and understood this process, please return here for specific instructions regarding this pack.


When upgrading to 1.0.3+, there are a large number of metrics that will conflict mainly due to the inclusion of remote workers in the grouping method. You must choose Replace as the menu option for all metrics. Any customizations made will need to be re-entered. In addition, please note that the historical data of these metrics will be lost during the migration.


If you have customized the DEX Score categories (in particular the Remote Worker vs Office Worker Device category, DXS – Binary, DXS – Domain, DEX – Binary, DEX – Domain, DEX - Agents), then you may well want to keep these customizations so leave the menu option to skip during the import.

Upgrade from 1.0.0+ to 2.0.0+ version

Customers with Nexthink 6.27+ have access to the 2.0.0+ version of the DEX Score. Please note that this version contains major changes compared to 1.0.0+. Some information about this upgrade can be found in this document. Reach out to the Nexthink Professional Services or certified partners to request guidance and support for this upgrade. In addition, more information about the DEX Score 2.0.0+ can be found here.

Digital Experience Score change log

A detailed description of the changes brought to version 2.0.0+ of the pack can be found here.


Once the Library Pack is installed, the data collected to compute the Digital Experience Score is automatically shared with Nexthink, allowing Nexthink to provide comparative insights by benchmarking the Organization's Digital Employee Experience Score against other Organizations. Data collected by Nexthink is non-Identifiable Information be it personal, device or application and it is used for no other purpose than providing such comparative insights.



  • - 05 Apr 2022 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 05 Apr 2022 - Typo in leaf score fixed, removed unused metrics, updated metric condition
  • - 30 Jun 2021 - Update of documentation links
  • - 30 Jun 2021 - Only available for Nexthink 6.29+ and Nexthink Experience – Fixed metrics configuration
  • - 15 Mar 2021 - Only available for Nexthink 6.29+ and Nexthink Experience – Fixed sentiment-based metric, renaming of Productivity & Collaboration score to Productivity applications score, change the default configuration of Virtualization type category
  • - 07 Dec 2020 - Only available for Nexthink 6.29+ and Nexthink Experience - Excluded agent binaries from device's applications freezes and applications crashes, Office Suite web apps exclude web requests from the corresponding Office Suite desktop apps, Updated default weights for Office Suite apps, Reviewed network response time scores' default normalization, updated default score normalization for logon and boot scores, DEX Engage campaign compatible with 6.29 Engage Tray
  • - 28 Sep 2020 - Only available for Nexthink 6.28+ and Nexthink Experience - Unified pack for Windows and macOS, add virtualization-based scores, added new category for virtualization type, reviewed experience level thresholds, removed "group by" widgets with errors, updated Engage campaign to make it compatible with macOS
  • - 12 Aug 2020 - Only available for Nexthink 6.27 - Fixed dashboard issue, removed unused Metrics
  • - 15 Jul 2020 - Updated DXS references to DEX, removed "DEX - Device - Agents - Number of Devices" metrics, updated description in productivity scores, reviewed conditions of sentiment metrics, updated device sentiment widget
  • - 30 Jun 2020 - Major update of the library pack
  • - 16 Apr 2020 - Only available for Nexthink 6.26 and previous versions - Breakdown of the employees into remote workers and office workers populations
  • - 25 Feb 2020 - Better scoping when investigating from Metrics
  • - 07 Oct 2019 - Minor fixes
  • - Campaign notification skipped, enhanced monitored browser executables, minor fixes
  • - Initial release


Campaigns - 1
Categories - 6
Dashboards - 5
Metrics - 229
Scores - 5

Required Products

Nexthink Engage


Windows 7 and newer
MacOS Catalina and newer


V6.20 and later