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Remote Worker Experience – Update for DEX V2


Remote Worker Experience – Update for DEX V2

Latest Version:
Released on July 14, 2020


The Remote Worker Experience pack Version 6.x and lower relies on the Nexthink Digital Experience pack version 1.X. There are a number of metrics that exist in the dashboards that refer to Scores found in the Digital Experience 1.x Pack.

Nexthink has released a Digital Experience ("DEX") pack version 2.0 and, if installed, it is likely that you will then wish to uninstall the existing DEX 1.X scores. This will break a number of the metrics in the Remote Worker pack until they are updated to reference these V2 scores.

Use this "Update for DEX V2" pack to update your Remote Worker Experience Library Pack to support the new DEX V2 Scores. It will replace some metrics from the Remote Worker Experience pack.

Once imported you will not see any change to the metric tree as the metrics replace their older counterparts, however history for the replaced metrics will be lost.



  • - 14 Jul 2020 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 14 Jul 2020 - External release
  • - Initial release


Dashboards - 1
Metrics - 16


Windows 7 and newer
MacOS Catalina and newer


V6.27 and later