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Windows 11 – Operate


Windows 11 – Operate

Latest Version:
Updated on October 27, 2023


Windows 11 has taken over as Microsoft's primary OS and, as with its predecessor, requires regular monitoring and maintenance to take advantage of its key security and features updates. Failing to do so can rapidly lead to stability, performance, adoption and security issues across the landscape.

The Windows 11 – Operate Library Pack enables IT teams to report on the stability and security of their Windows 11 estate, monitor OS versioning to keep devices up-to-date with Microsoft's latest security patches (Quality Updates) and the annual windows upgrades (Features Updates), and keep employees in the loop of any updates or changes to their OS.

The pack enables IT to:

  • Monitor the stability and performance of devices daily to proactively detect and fix issues before they impact employees' OS experience.
  • Track the progress of Security updates while monitoring any changes in devices' Digital Experience Score pre-to-post update.
  • Track the progress of Feature updates while monitoring any changes in devices' Digital Experience Score pre-to-post update.
  • Engage with employees to drive OS familiarity with contextual readiness, tips and guidelines campaigns.

This pack is key for EUC and IT Support teams looking to monitor their OS stability, streamline the deployment of Windows 11 Quality and Feature updates and ensure employees are kept in the loop.

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  • - 27 Oct 2023 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 22 Jul 2022 - Removed references to non-inclusive language
  • - 24 Jun 2022 - Fixed output type in "Test Pending Reboot" Remote Action
  • - 31 Jan 2022 - Minor updates and enhancements
  • - 13 Jan 2022 - Added remote action Invoke SCCM Upgrade to Windows 11 to provide an end to end Windows 11 Featues Update deployment solution for SCCM environments
  • - 16 Dec 2021 - Initial release


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