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Windows 11 – Migration Pilot


Windows 11 – Migration Pilot

Latest Version:
Updated on June 2, 2023


Windows 11 is taking over as Microsoft's primary OS, coming with stricter requirements than its predecessor. This makes the Migration process much riskier, as IT teams struggle to track and manage the impact of their rollout across device performance, application stability and employee experience.

The Windows 11 – Migration Pilot Library Pack enables you to prepare for a successful, company-wide migration by offering key pilot management capabilities. You can test both the technical readiness and employee sentiment of your landscape to ensure you are ready before taking the plunge.

  • Identify the best candidates to include in your pilot group
  • Ask candidates if they are willing to participate
  • Measure and compare satisfaction before and after migration
  • Provide tips and guidelines to migrated pilot employees.

In addition, the pack provides a post-migration feedback campaign to identify any issues experienced by pilot candidates and proactively fix them before the main migration.

This pack is key for IT managers and their support teams looking to prepare for a successful Windows 11 Migration by testing and understanding their technical and sentiment readiness.

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  • - 02 Jun 2023 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 22 Jul 2022 - Fixed typo in description
  • - 20 Apr 2022 - Changed metrics from "active devices" to "all devices" to give a more accurate longer-term view of migration. Please note that historical data loss will occur if importing this version of the pack into a system with the Windows 11 - Migration Pilot pack already installed. Only import if this is acceptable.
  • - 19 Apr 2022 - Minor updates and enhancements
  • - 13 Jan 2022 - Modified RA Campaign name to match the name of the pack and made two minor changes to wording in the sentiment campaign.
  • - 22 Dec 2021 - Added remote action Invoke SCCM Upgrade to Windows 11 to provide an end to end Windows 11 deployment solution for SCCM environments
  • - 15 Nov 2021 - Initial release


Campaigns - 6
Categories - 3
Dashboards - 3
Investigations - 1
Metrics - 32

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 7 and newer


V6.30 and later