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Windows Service Information


Windows Service Information

Latest Version:
Updated on November 4, 2022


This Library pack is a collection of different Remote Action scripts which retrieve Windows Service Information and allow users to modify their status and startup time.Please use the links on the left menu to learn more about the function and range of action of each script.


  • - 04 Nov 2022 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 22 Jul 2022 - Fixed typo in "Restart Service" Remote Action
  • - 19 Apr 2022 - Added compatibility for Windows 8.1 devices on "Restart Service" Remote Action
  • - 12 Nov 2020 - Added "Restart Service" Remote Action
  • - 03 Jun 2020 - Removed digital signature from "Set Service Information" Remote Action due to security considerations
  • - 12 Nov 2018 - Initial release

Required Products

Nexthink Act


Windows 7 and newer


V6.14 and later