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Virtualization Troubleshooting

Latest Version:


Campaigns - 4
Categories - 1
Investigations - 3
Scores - 1

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage




V6.30 and later


Although virtual desktops and applications may look and feel the same to an end-user, delivering these services can be complex from an IT perspective. And, if something goes wrong, the path to resolution is never simple, resulting in more tickets, longer resolution times and, inevitably, increased costs to your business.

The Virtualization - Troubleshooting pack provides tailored scores, pre-filtered alerts and targeted investigations, allowing you to rapidly—and proactively—identify the scope of an issue for more effective troubleshooting.

The pack provides specific alerts and investigation to hone it on the source of a degraded virtualized environment, as well as remote actions to take the best course of action based on your results. In addition, the pack comes with out-of-the-box Engage campaigns to keep your employees aware of any changes or service degradations in their current landscape.

This pack is key for any IT Support and Virtualization teams looking to rapidly and effectively troubleshoot issues in complex virtual environments to improve employee experience and reduce operational cost.




  • - 14 Apr 2021 - Updated "Install application" and "Restart Device" Remote Actions description
  • - 13 Apr 2021 - Removing unused investigations
  • - 13 Apr 2021 - Initial release
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