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Retrieve the location of any device via its public IP.


Get device geolocation (city, country) by public IP.

Script Get Geolocation

  • Version – API change. Added API key and HTTPS enabling input parameters
  • Version – Initial release

Script Description

Retrieves the device geolocation (city, country) by public IP.

Execution context and suggested scheduling

Run the script as interactive user. The script should be executed manually.

A timeout of 120 seconds is recommended.


ID Label Description
1 API Key API key to be used for the external geolocation service
2 Enable HTTPS HTTPS enabled (true/false)
3 Maximum Delay In Seconds Maximum random delay set to avoid external API overload. Provide number of seconds


ID Label Type Description
1 Device Location String City and country where the device is located

Further Information

The script is designed to use IPAPI geolocation API link. This is a third-party API, hence its availability does not depend on Nexthink.


  • Service restrictions may apply depending on the user API account type (free, business, etc.). For further information please visit this article
  • HTTPS may not be available for all the user plans (e.g. free plan)


Remote Actions

Required Modules

Nexthink Act




V6.14 and later
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