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Firefox Browser Management


Firefox Browser Management

Latest Version:
Updated on April 29, 2022


Firefox is a commonly used browser in the workplace, with employees easily able to install various plug-ins to improve their browser experience. However, IT oversight over proper browser usage management can quickly escalate to unwanted compliance, security, or performance issues.

The Firefox Browser Management Library Pack allows IT teams to manage the Firefox application estate by understanding which plug-ins are installed, set a desired configuration of plug-ins, and establish a blacklist of banned plug-ins. In addition, IT can clear cache and cookies, or execute full user clean-ups to support troubleshooting scenarios.

This pack comes with several Remote Actions to investigate, set and clear Firefox settings. It also includes Engage campaigns to notify employees about changes made on their browsers.

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  • - 29 Apr 2022 - Deprecating Python in favour of OSAScript on "Get Firefox plugins macOS" Remote Action
  • - 19 Apr 2022 - Updated link to the "Chrome Browser Management" content pack
  • - 08 Sep 2021 - Initial release


Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 10


V6.14 and later