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Employee Well-being

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Campaigns - 2
Categories - 2
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 17
Scores - 1

Required Products

Nexthink Engage




V6.20 and later


The Employee Well-being library pack enables you to understand the overall well-being of your employees from a non-IT perspective, gaining visibility at the human level of how they are feeling and how happy they are with there day to day work experience.

The pack currently focuses on Remote Workers. Remote working brings with it new challenges, as the Office environment is starkly different from working at home in many aspects. The Engage campaigns in the pack are focused not on IT, but on the critical human and environmental factors which will enable a smooth Remote Working experience, such as levels of stress, interruption, whether the organization is providing suitable support and getting the home life and work life balance correct.

The two campaigns included in the pack take two different viewpoints: the first, is an overall well-being campaign and results in a well-being score, which can be used to understand how your employees are feeling about their overall remote experience – the stress level, the productivity, the support from the organization amongst other topics. This can be used to get an at-a-glance understanding of any shortcomings that should be addressed to enhance their remote well-being.

The second focuses more on understanding the distractions and concerns that are detracting from the remote working experience. By gaining an insight into what the main blockers are for your remote workers as they try to be productive will enable you to launch initiatives to remedy these for your organization.



  • - 16 Apr 2020 - Minor bug fix
  • - 16 Apr 2020 - Initial release
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