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Battery Status

Get the battery status to diagnose battery health, capacity for possible replacements and modify power plan.


Campaigns - 1
Remote actions - 2

Required Modules

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 10


V6.14 and later


Determine the health status of laptops' batteries in terms of capacity that they can still hold, identify which batteries need to be replaced and optimize the power settings of devices. Also change the power plan to optimize battery usage.

  • - 23 Mar 2020 - Added "Set Power Plan" Remote Action
  • - 17 Mar 2020 - Updated "Get Battery Status" Remote Action and documentation
  • - 02 Mar 2020 - Updated "Get Battery Status" Remote Action
  • - 20 Jun 2019 - Major refactoring and bugfixing of Get Battery Status Remote Action
  • - Initial release
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