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nexthink engage

Your Employee Connection

Why Nexthink Engage?

Your IT team is stuck waiting on your employees- to submit a ticket, respond, and accept their help

With Nexthink Engage, the wait is over. Cut through the digital workplace noise with two-way communication. Boost responses rates with an attention-grabbing notification to provide employees critical information, share a survey, or help them fix problems that matter to them.

Nexthink Engage, a two-way communication tool, cuts through the digital workplace noise with an attention-grabbing notification to ask, help or tell your employees and get them to respond.

Key Benefits

Nexthink Notifications

Email Is Dead

Grab your employees’ attention and boost your response rates. Connect directly with employees with timed and targeted pop-up notifications they can’t miss. Ensure employees respond by only sending messages relevant to their digital experience.

Nexthink Notifications

Help Is One Click Away

Don’t waste time handling one ticket at a time or chasing down employees who never submit one. Instead, take action sooner by resolving employee issues before they realize they have them. Send a 1-click self-help messaging that scales across all impacted employees.

Nexthink Notifications

Notifications They Can’t Miss

When an incident occurs, such as an outage or cyberattack, rapidly notify employees of operational and service issues with an Engage notification. Engage notifications are the fastest way to get IT-related details in front of employees and avoid a flood of IT tickets.

Nexthink Notifications

What Employees Want

Solve problems employees care about. Understand their digital experience by collecting their feedback in real-time with survey questions at key moments. Bridge employee feedback data with technical data to prioritize the problems that impact their behavior, productivity and ultimately, their employee experience.

Responses that Drive Results

Share dashboards of your campaign results to demonstrate impact and changes to employees’ behavior. And what to do next. Continuously track employee feedback and sentiment to identify key drivers to improve the Digital Employee Experience.

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