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Hybrid Working Experience


Hybrid Working Experience

Latest Version:
Updated on September 29, 2023


With this pack, IT teams will receive a wide range of unique metrics, dashboards, remote actions, and engagement campaigns to understand the current state of their hybrid landscape, take direct action on performance issues, and engage with their hybrid workforce.

Complete Landscape visibility

Combine deep, granular-level technical date with direct employee sentiment insight for complete employee-centric visibility and understanding of your hybrid IT ecosystem. Compare and manage the digital experiences of your remote vs office workforce with detailed scores and breakdowns.

Readiness assessment

Ensure the required readiness assessments that you will need to be sure your remote workers are compliant and will be able to stay productive, regardless of where they are.

Technical insight

The extensive coverage of real-time data includes the connectivity, performance and stability of your device, applications and collaboration tools for all your working styles of office, hybrid and remote employees - along with an understanding of how the capacity of the network is performing.Identify software that is using up that valuable bandwidth and identify your top talkers with the pack's dashboards, which give a seamless transition from a high-level summary view of activity to deep technical detail.

Collaboration experience

Ensure employees of all workstyles can seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues, regardless of distance. Whether through Teams, or Zoom, this pack provides detailed insight about audio, video and connectivity quality as well as a look at the stability and version compliance of the toolsets in use.

Remote actions and investigations

Easily investigate, diagnose and remediate performance issues or satisfaction drops across your different types of employee workstyle, from office to remote, with instant investigations and direct remote actions. Understand key insights such as if passwords are soon to expire to proactively notify employees or whether the Wi-Fi signal from their home office is weak.

Direct workforce engagement

Open a 2-way communication channel with your workforce to ensure they are fully equipped to work remotely, gather employee sentiment insight about their remote experiences, and keep them up to date with any critical company-wide announcement or technical IT information.



  • - 28 Sep 2023 - Updated the link to the documentation page
  • - 08 Feb 2023 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 22 Jul 2022 - Added support for local users on domain joined computers for "Invoke Proactive Password Reset" Remote Action
  • - 28 Apr 2022 - Fixed typo in "Get BitLocker Information" and "Get WiFi Signal Strength" Remote Actions
  • - 19 Apr 2022 - Implemented usage of improved functions to retrieve OS management information on "Get BitLocker Information" Remote Action
  • - 22 Mar 2022 - Added compatibility for Windows 8.1 devices on "Get WiFi Signal Strength" Remote Action
  • - 15 Feb 2022 - Campaigns changed to point to included Investigations.
  • - 07 Feb 2022 - Added input parameter to Anonymize BSSID data on "Get WiFi Signal Strength" Remote Action
  • - 03 Feb 2022 - Screenshots updated
  • - 23 Nov 2021 - Initial release


Campaigns - 5
Categories - 10
Dashboards - 8
Investigations - 2
Metrics - 138
Scores - 6

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 7 and newer
MacOS Catalina and newer


V6.30 and later