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Device shutdown/restart/log off automation


Device shutdown/restart/log off automation

Latest Version:
Released on August 10, 2023

This content can be installed directly from the in-product library in your Nexthink Infinity platform. For details on how to access the in-product library click here.



Rebooting a device is a key activity to maintain its overall health and performance. In fact, in many cases, slow or sluggish PCs can be remediated with a simple restart allowing the device to finally update, close unnecessary apps, or refresh its memory, for example. Unfortunately, most employees do not follow this best practice.


This library pack offers key remote actions, where IT teams can define a “days since last reboot” threshold. Devices that pass that threshold will receive an automated campaign prompting them to restart. Note that this solution offers employees the option to refuse or postpone the action.

With this automated self-heal feature, IT can proactively prevent employees from experiencing common issues that can be solved with a quick restart, without disrupting their daily workflow.

Alternatively, the remote actions can be triggered without campaigns to immediately trigger a restart, shutdown, or log off on selected devices. Note that although the library pack has separate remote actions for macOS and Windows, the Engage campaigns are the same.

Key features

  • Notify and ask employees for permission before triggering a restart, shutdown, or log off.
  • Optional Engage campaigns to ask for immediate or delayed restart/shutdown/log off.
  • Specific remote actions for Windows and macOS devices.
  • Ability to trigger remote actions without campaigns.



  • - 10 Aug 2023 - Initial release


Windows and macOS


V2023.4 and later