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IT Initiatives

Persona Insight

Cut through the fog and understand your internal customers

Corporate IT has long desired to understand their customers, the employee end-users, in order to become stronger partners to the business. Unfortunately, that visibility is clouded by the sheer size and complexity of the employee base, the lack of observability especially in the age of highly remote workforces, and the ever-changing nature of these users. With Persona Insight, IT now possesses the tool to finally deliver employee-centric IT services, and to become a true driver of business value.

Build Rich Personas See end-users for who they really are

Most organizations either do not build personas at all or build shallow ones based on HR roles. With Persona Insight, end users come to life with a rich set of descriptors. Not only does Nexthink natively collect 700+ device data points, Persona Insight library pack also comes with scores of pre-defined persona categories and traits. So whether it is resource usage, crash stats, or logon time, IT can now construct meaningful personas to solve real problems.

Track Real-Time Changes Keep up with the dynamic user landscape

Your end users are constantly changing. So why should the personas live on a static page or file? Whether the end user is changing roles, or merely changing habits, they potentially move from one segment to another. With Persona Insight, data is captured in real time so you have actual, usable, personas vs fictional static ones.

Flexibly Customize for the Problem at Hand Gain relevant and practical insight

You don’t construct personas as an academic exercise. You construct them to solve real business problems. As problems change, so should the personas. With Persona Insight, you have near limitless flexibility to define persona categories, to slice and dice the end-user base, as the problem calls for. Whether it is intelligent device refresh, VDI readiness assessment, or better employee onboarding, the tool is at your disposal.

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