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Pourquoi Nexthink

Win the favor of your employees by helping them win back the 22 minutes a day they lose on IT issues. Nexthink helps proactively prevent the creation of incidents and reduces the MTTR for open incidents while providing deep insight into the end-user experience.

How Nexthink helps

  • Help end users solve issues independently
  • Diagnose and resolve issues automatically
  • Understand the impact of changes to avoid potential issues
  • Proactively solve problems before they occur
  • Embed 1-click issue resolution within support checklists
  • Identify the cause of a problem more quickly
  • Escalate the issue directly to the right team
  • Get advanced diagnostic data for common applications such as Skype for Business
  • Quickly flag failures and outages with unrivalled end-to-end visibility
  • Get ahead of the game by identifying issues before end-user notification
  • Obtain end-user feedback for continuous service improvement
  • Continuously monitor employee satisfaction through targeted questions to end users
  • Get instantly alerted about dips in employee satisfaction
  • Identify key actions to take to improve overall satisfaction

Change is a constant in the enterprise. With Nexthink, IT can seamlessly handle change management and deliver migration projects smoothly with complete span of control and visibility.

How Nexthink helps

  • Follow the progress of migrations in real-time while monitoring business impact and employee satisfaction
  • Identify personas to optimize Windows 10 images and migration strategies
  • Speed up transformation projects by having up-to-date information in your CMDB
  • Make your CMDB is a single source of truth with an accurate, up-to-date view of all assets
  • Conduct faster impact analysis by easily understanding asset interdependencies with holistic, mapped view
  • Ensure assets in CMDB meet compliance and security mandates
  • Plan and run successful migration projects to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery
  • Track and monitor migrations in real-time to easily understand business impact and measure employee experience
  • Accelerate transformation projects with instant and up-to-date information about experience, status and CMDB inventory and assets
  • Identify unused or underused software and engage with end users to automatically uninstall it
  • Replace hardware based on need vs. arbitrary averages
  • Find opportunities to upgrade hardware instead of completely replacing it

Your bedrock in the age of disruption: Safeguard compliance and security to minimize risk exposure. Nexthink ensures compliance and fixes security threats automatically, anytime and all the time.

How Nexthink helps

  • Check the compliance of your endpoints with your internal policies including mandatory software, shadow IT, security tools and proxy settings
  • Automatically fix compliance violations
  • Comply with regulations related to your industry: PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Automate actions to identify and resolve potential threats before they become issues
  • Get alerted when abnormal behaviors are detected
  • Anonymously analyze behaviors related to insider threat risks
  • Limit the consequence of threats less by narrowing the gap between detection and response
  • Define and execute automated actions when incidents are detected such as isolating the infected device, quickly blocking its access to the Internet or to the data center.
  • Simplify forensic analysis with real-time access to historical data
  • Identify end-user behaviors that can pose a risk to the organization
  • Initiate in-context education campaigns to increase security awareness and corrective actions
  • Empower employees to reduce the overall cyber risk by involving employees in the decision process and taking actions based on end-user approval
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