MS Teams: Migration


MS Teams: Migration

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Updated on May 20, 2021


This pack looks at a Pilot / Early Adopter scenario where Teams is being brought into an Organization and what to watch out for. It also has dashboards allowing comparisons between the Pilot users and an existing Skype for Business deployment.


  • This shows how many Early Adopter devices are running Teams and what percentage of the total devices that is. A threshold is set so that 90% of Early Adopter users should be on Teams enabled devices. Also broken down by location this gives a quick view of Teams deployment across the landscape.
  • Use the ‘Versions Deployed' to know the number of different versions of Microsoft Teams deployed to Early Adopters and this is broken down by to actual values on the right. Teams should retain to current or current minus one version so follow up any below this.

Application crashes

  • This area shows the overall stability of Teams Early Adopter users. Use the number of crashes, freeze and devices having trouble connecting to see any immediate problems or potential issues if a new version has arrived and it troublesome.
  • On the right we are giving the top devices with number of crashes to help you determine those devices that are having problems.

Top users by chat web traffic & by number of TCP connections

  • This shows your most active users in Teams. Use this figure as a starting point if you want to gain feedback or insight from your most active users in terms of why they find Teams so engaging. Note that these are technical measures of traffic and do not indicate the actual number of messages sent or calls made exactly.



  • - 20 May 2021 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 20 May 2021 - Enabling macOS on all metrics
  • - 17 Feb 2021 - v6.29 features added and introduction of Focus Time
  • - 04 Dec 2019 - Fix issue with Top 10 versions deployed Metric
  • - Initial release


Categories - 4
Dashboards - 4
Metrics - 45


Windows 7 and newer
MacOS Catalina and newer


V6.14 and later