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Why Nexthink

See why over 1,000 organizations choose Nexthink

Only Nexthink provides the real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation IT needs to continuously improve the digital employee experience for the flexible workplace.

Many companies try to use APM, ITSM, network monitoring and employee survey products for a use case they were never designed for. These technologies simply can’t provide an employee-centric view of how IT services are consumed. Nexthink gives IT unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experience with technology – freeing them to progress from reactive problem solving to continuous, proactive optimization. Nexthink provides a central experience hub that delivers real-time, actionable insights into every employee and activity, at every moment – across devices, operating systems, and any flexible workplace location.

What Nexthink Customers Achieve Through DEX

Real-time, event level visibility and analytics

Only Nexthink’s rich data and visualizations let you quickly move from analysis to action. By applying powerful correlations and analytics to detailed event data, Nexthink helps you pinpoint the issue, the root cause, who it’s affecting and how to solve it.

Experience quantified, for every employee and your entire organization

Nexthink uniquely quantifies your employees’ complete digital experience. With a comprehensive 360-degree Score, you are in the driver’s seat to proactively see, manage, and improve your workforce’s digital experience.

Targeted employee engagement

With hyper-targeted employee engagement, you can efficiently gather and correlate sentiment with technical data to discover unreported issues and measure overall experience. Nexthink also makes it easy to broadcast messages quickly to large groups and guide employees to solve issues themselves.

AI-driven insights and automated remediation guidance

Nexthink Experience uses AI-driven insights to guide you on proactively managing and improving experience. You see what issues to focus on, understand the likely causes and remediate problems quickly and effectively.

A digital employee experience management solution you can count on

More than 1,000 customers with over 10 million employees rely on Nexthink. Deployed around the globe, Nexthink is the proven leader for digital employee experience management.

Stop guessing. Start nexthinking.