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Proactive IT: Prevent Ticket Overload

Incidents are reaching critical mass and your Service Desk is stretched thin, leading to wasted resources, poor IT Service delivery and frustrated employees.

If a ticket is submitted, then it's already too late

Being proactive allows IT to detect and resolve non-reported incidents before a ticket is submitted or, even better, before employee impact.

Eliminate Top Call Drivers 

Nexthink offers Service Desk Teams the proactive visibility and remediation capabilities to detect and remediate non-reported issues at scale, across every single impacted device. Incidents will never evolve into top call drivers again.

Proactive Visibility

Visibility across devices, applications, networks and sentiment for rapid, proactive root cause analysis.

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Automated Remediation

One-click fix, contextual automation and self-help to rapidly solve issues without IT interaction.

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Fix For All

Scale your fix across every impacted device to stop repetitive incident management.

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Real-time, employee-centric view to detect non-reported issues

Proactive Visibility

Leverage device, application, network and sentiment insight to monitor and identify drops in technical performance and employee satisfaction that signal potential incidents.

Drill-down into these red flags to identify the source of the issue to resolve it before it becomes a problem.

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Smart automation to resolve issues quickly and effectively

Automated Remediation

Quickly and efficiently resolve non-reported incidents with single-click fixes and investigations from Nexthink—or any preferred incident management solution.

Avoid unnecessary IT-employee interaction with self-help capabilities through any contextual engagement channel, chatbot or self-service portal.

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Scale you fixes across every impacted employee

Fix For All

As soon as you spot an incident, you can immediately identify every device with the same problem and scale your fix across all of them, at the same time.

You are not only avoiding future tickets and incidents, but also preventing your Service Desk from having to repeatedly fixing the same issue.

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