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Welcome to the First International Digital Workplace Games

When two IT experts go head-to-head over three grueling challenges, who will solve the problem first? Watch now to find out.
Challenge #1

Interrupted SaaS Application

Welcome to the International Digital Workplace Games. For their first challenge, the contestants must uncover why 100 employees can’t access a virtual SaaS application. Which app is it? Why can’t they access it? Watch now.

See how Nexthink came in for the win to uncover these SaaS Application issues.

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Challenge #2

Collaboration Tool Issues

For their second challenge, our contestants are faced with a different problem: 30 employees can’t log into a virtual training meeting that starts right now. Which platform is it? And what seems to be the problem? Watch now.

Learn more about Nexthink’s ability to identify and resolve collaboration tool issues.

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Final Challenge

Understanding How Employees Feel About Their Technology

For the finale, our contestants face their most difficult challenge yet: figuring out how employees feel about their experience. The problem? 18% of employees are frustrated with their digital experience and want to quit! What’s going on?

Learn how Nexthink’s employee sentiment tool helps IT teams effectively monitor and improve the digital employee experience.

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Our Solution

Stop Guessing, Start Nexthinking

Without a clear view of the digital experience of all employees, your IT team is working in the dark. Shine a light on the full landscape of your enterprise digital experience with Nexthink.

Get the real-time insights you need to solve disruptions before they happen. Stop battling a never-ending pile of incident tickets, start providing a digital employee experience that delights.

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When understanding your employees' digital experience feels like an Olympic task, Nexthink makes it easier.