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The Modern

Technology and Workplace Landscape


Global information workers say they don’t know how to get the technology support they need to be productive


IT issues are never even reported by employees

IT is Trapped in a Vicious Circle

Employees expect to work with the best tools in tech, from wherever they are, and however they choose. Companies understand this expectation — 58% say that improving their employee experience is a critical priority. And yet, IT seems trapped in a vicious cycle, unable to deliver what is asked of them.

They’re pressured to roll out new technologies and drive innovation, all while providing instant support for employees in an ever-changing workplace. But IT’s increasing spend on ticketing, workflow and technology management tools makes little impact – with 45% of all technology problems not even reported.

The status quo has to change.
How did we get here?

The Digital Employee Experience Gap

Existing solutions tell you how IT services are provided and delivered, but not how they are consumed. IT can’t tell you how employees use their services, or how those services impact their productivity and engagement.

Employee's Screen
IT's Screen

These blind spots...

Are what we call the Digital Employee Experience Gap, and no one can provide the visibility, let alone the management ability, to close this widening and costly gap.

It’s time for a new era…
Because the way we work demands it.

The modern workplace will never truly change until we can consistently measure and manage our employees’ digital experiences, all the time, anytime.

Continuously Improve Experience

Every enterprise IT team will be able to confidently answer and take action on


What is the experience from an employee’s point of view?


What are the root causes impacting employee digital experience?


What steps do I need to take to remediate the underlying issues?


How do we compare to the baseline?

Digital Employee
Experience Management

Digital Employee Experience Management is an emerging discipline that provides a new way for IT to continuously improve technology’s ability to engage, empower and delight people at work no matter where they work - any time, all the time.

Closing the gap

Continuously Measure and Manage Digital Employee Experience

Real-time analytics, employee sentiment and automated remediation

Empower your IT team to shift from reactive problem solving to proactive problem solving

Discover all the real-time insight you need to resolve all kinds of disruptions before they happen. Being proactive leads to reduced costs, better customer service and higher employee satisfaction.

With a constant read on the pulse of digital employee experience, IT can continuously improve technology’s ability to engage, empower and delight people at work no matter where they work – any time, all the time.

With Nexthink Experience, we’ve delivered the world’s first Digital Employee Experience Management platform to help you measure and manage the digital employee experience every moment. Because workplace innovation and change won’t stop.

Stop guessing. Start nexthinking.

Ready to start confidently measuring and managing the digital employee experience every moment?