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Digital Employee
Experience is Everything

See what they face, know what they need, understand how they feel. Deliver IT that delights.

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What Nexthink Customers Achieve Through DEX


Surge in Employee Net Promoter Score

Improved Employee Satisfaction

A US pharmaceutical company increased employee NPS by 72% in less than 6 months using Nexthink.

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IT Downtime Returned to Every Employee

Increased Employee Productivity

For a company of 10,000 employees, IT interruptions equate to costs of $500,000 per week.

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ROI Across 3 Years

Hugely Reduced IT Costs

A recent Forrester study found Nexthink customers save $14.7M across 3 years, and achieve ROI within 6 months.

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Incidents Averted Across 2 Years

Proactive Problem Management

“We have identified 57k + defects using Nexthink.”

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Start Meeting Their Expectations

No matter when or where they're working, today's employees expect a great technology experience. What's the key to making it happen? Having a deep, continuous understanding of each employee's needs across the entire digital enterprise.

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Our platform

It's Time for Human-Centric IT

Nexthink Experience, a cloud-native platform, shines a light on all aspects of every single employee’s digital journey. Powered by AI, the platform lets you make more informed decisions, automate and optimize experience.

Workplace Analytics

Discover What They Need

Gain real-time insight into employee activities across devices, operating systems, networks, applications and locations.

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Insight-driven Automation

See What They Experience

With the platform’s AI, machine learning and advanced automation capabilities, IT teams can easily surface, prioritize and proactively resolve digital problems before they slow down employees.

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Contextual Sentiment

Know How They Feel

Learn what employees are thinking in the context of their digital activities to reveal unreported issues and opportunities to drive engagement.

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Continuous Improvement

Deliver IT That Delights

Correlate employee sentiment with technical insight to continuously enhance the digital experience.

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Enrich your IT Ecosystem

Closely correlate Nexthink analytics with other data sources, optimize IT Service Management tools, enhance Service Desk efficiency or enable employee chatbot self-healing.

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Essential Insights for Digital Employee Experience

Embrace a More Human Way to Work. See Nexthink in Action.