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Outlook Troubleshooting

Latest Version:


Categories - 5
Dashboards - 5
Metrics - 57

Required Products

Nexthink Act


Windows 10
Windows 7


V6.29 and later


Email applications are the backbone of corporate communication, with Microsoft Outlook the most common for organizations across the globe. Its ubiquitous usage means that any performance, stability or versioning issues can have dramatic consequences on employee productivity and satisfaction.

A performant, stable and well-managed Outlook environment is vital.

The Outlook Troubleshooting library pack provides both administrators and architects with a comprehensive understanding of employees' experiences with their outlook environment.

Tailored scores and metrics offer quantified, at-a-glance visibility of the outlook digital employee experience, with further dashboards to drill down into areas of improvement:

  • Landscape: monitor devices running outlook and their respective versioning and track employee adoption using Focus Time
  • Stability: track crashes, freezes, plug-in stability and start-up time across the Outlook environment
  • Performance: measure CPU and memory performance, as well as network usage, broken down by device and respective version
  • Configuration best practices: identify devices running outlook with excessively large storage files, or with storage files on network locations.

With this information, you can monitor, manage and deliver the ideal outlook experience.



  • - 24 Mar 2021 - Bugfix - PST and OST metrics and widgets fixed
  • - 24 Feb 2021 - Bugfix - Category changed to Outlook Compliance for two version compliance metrics
  • - 18 Feb 2021 - Bugfix - New Outlook Application category created, metrics re-named to match pack name
  • - 16 Feb 2021 - Initial release
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