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Through the crisis: Nexthink customer stories (ABN AMRO)

Through the crisis: Nexthink customer stories (ABN AMRO)
June 5, 2020

As we announced last week, the Nexthink ‘Through the Crisis’ series gives our customers a voice to talk about what the challenges of 2020 have been like for them professionally – working from home while trying to cope with the huge upsurge in demand and responsibility.

This week we’re very proud to share some stories from ABN AMRO, starting with Jelmer Berendsen (Enablement Lead, Digital Workplace, ABN AMRO), who explains how the organization was able to leverage Nexthink Engage in order to measure both digital employee experience and general employee well-being during the crisis.

Next, Daan Tuijnman (Product Owner, Digital Workplace, ABN AMRO), runs through just a few of the many other ways they were able to support employees during the crisis, wherever they were working from.

If you want further insight into the incredible service ABN AMRO provides its users, be sure to register for the upcoming CMSWire webinar, Driving the Flexible Workplace: Experience and IT in the New World, where Dan and Jelmer will be joined by Forrester’s Andrew Hewitt to explore why the best technology teams are implementing a digital employee experience framework.

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