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Through the crisis: Nexthink customer stories (AXA IM)

Through the crisis: Nexthink customer stories (AXA IM)
May 29, 2020

For a lot of Nexthink’s technical professionals, 2020 has been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of their professional lives.

Our customer base was impacted globally by COVID-19, and we were honored to be able to support them whenever and however we could, working closely to leverage their existing investment, as well as developing and distributing tailored services for those that needed them.

We’ve covered a number of these stories right here, and today we’re proud to launch the first in our ‘Through the crisis’ series, where you’ll hear directly from many customers about the challenges and successes they’ve experienced over the recent months.

Naturally, these customers are talking to us from their own homes.

Our first contribution comes from Christophe Verducci, Head of Proximity Services for France at the leading financial services provider AXA IM.

“We need Nexthink on a daily basis,” Christophe told us, “because it’s paramount to adapt and to guarantee the quality of support – especially working from home.” Check out the full statement here:

We also caught up with Christophe (under very different circumstances) at last year’s Experience ’19 event. There he explained how AXA IM had created a special internal IT brand, ‘Precogs’ (shout out to Minority Report), to highlight their proactive support to employees.

You can enjoy that here:

We think both interviews together make for a strong testament to our capacity to support customers like AXA IM both in a pre and post-COVID world.

Nexthink is here to advance the Digital Employee Experience, whether people work from home or the office.

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