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Application Experience

Your Applications Are The Lifeblood Of Your Organization

Introducing Application Experience

You rely on critical SaaS business applications to drive employee productivity and bottom-line business impact. But most organizations struggle to get the visibility and actionability required to properly manage these applications on an ongoing basis.

With Nexthink, you can now combine Digital Employee Experience Management and Real User Monitoring to optimize your employees’ adoption, use and experience across all your critical SaaS Business Applications.

Nexthink Application Experience delivers real-time visibility into employee experience with – and adoption of – SaaS applications. Proactive monitoring and management of application speed, reliability, adoption, and sentiment increases user satisfaction, productivity and aligns licensing costs with actual usage to maximize the business value of all your SaaS applications.


Understand Application Health​ Real User Monitoring (RUM) delivers full visibility of all aspects of SaaS application performance and reliability - including application page load times and errors, HTTP, HTTPS, and network errors, and granular insight into individual application transactions​.

Proactively Remediate​ Nexthink Application Experience delivers powerful and automated troubleshooting and remediation of employee issues using business applications. Comprehensive drill-down capabilities combined with user sentiment data ensure all diagnoses and remediation activities are contextually relevant to fully optimize employee experience and productivity.

Accelerate Adoption & Usage​ Gain full product lifecycle understanding of employee usage of your SaaS applications, across locations, roles, departments, and feature usage. Tune into employee sentiment to drive continuous improvement of usage and adoption.

Manage The Entire Application Lifecycle​ Comprehensive, holistic view of overall employee application life-cycle experience across multiple dimensions – performance, reliability, adoption and sentiment – to maximize the business impact of all your SaaS applications​.

See Application Experience in Action

Only Nexthink can unlock the true potential of your applications to help employees and the business thrive. Discover how you can achieve higher user satisfaction and productivity, drive adoption and usage, and maximize the value of all your business applications.

See Nexthink in Action