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Windows Management Instrumentation

Retrieve miscellaneous system data and assess the status of the devices by collecting instances of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes.

Script Get WMI Data

  • Version – Initial release

Script Description

Returns instance(s) of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes.

Execution context and suggested scheduling

Run the script as interactive user. In some environments it might be necessary to run as local system. The script should be executed manually.

A timeout of 120 seconds is recommended.


ID Label Description
1 Class The name of a WMI class
2 Namespace The WMI repository namespace where the specified WMI class is located when used with the Class parameter. Use ‘””‘ (two double-quotes) if you do not wish to use this parameter
3 Filter Specifies a “Where” clause in WMI Query Language (WQL) to use as a filter. Use ‘””‘ (two double-quotes) if you do not wish to use this parameter
4 Property The WMI class property from which this cmdlet gets information. Multiple comma-separated values are accepted


ID Label Type Description
1 Property Values String Value of the specified property/properties

Further Information

Depending on the exact WMI query to process, running the script may result in a very resource-intensive computation. Double-check that no side effects are noticeable before deploying the remote action on a large scale.


Remote Actions

Required Modules

Nexthink Act




V6.14 and later
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