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Windows Information

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Required Products

Nexthink Act


Get Windows Information: Windows 7 and 10
Copy Windows Small Memory Dump Files, Get Folder Size: Windows 7 and 10
Get Windows ExperienceIndex: Windows 7 and 10


V6.14 and later


This Library pack is a collection of different Remote Action scripts which provide some information of the devices’ health and useful insights for troubleshooting common Windows issues.Please use the links on the left menu to learn more about the function and range of action of each script.


  • - 23 Mar 2020 - Updated "Get Device Manager Information" Remote Action
  • - 24 Feb 2020 - Added "Read MiniDump" Remote ACtion
  • - 12 Dec 2019 - Updated "Get User Folder Size" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Get User Folder Size" Remote Action
  • - Added "Get FrameWorks Version" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Copy Windows Small Memory Dump Files" Remote Action documentation
  • - Removed deprecated "Get Windows Information" Remote Action
  • - Added "Get Powershell Information" Remote Action
  • - Added "Get Windows Information" and set the old "Get Windows Information" to deprecated
  • - Moved "Get GPO Startup Impact" to Group Policy content pack and removal of "Get StartUp Impact"
  • - Removed "Get Device Boot Duration" due to misleading information. In the future, it will be redesigned and uploaded again
  • - Added "Get Device Manager Information" Remote Action
  • - Initial release
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