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Windows Information

Provide information that is useful for troubleshooting common Windows issues and gaining better insight into the health of your devices. Also, retrieve memory dumps of BSOD errors or system/application crashes and provide a thorough diagnostic from them. Also provides the Windows Experience Score when the precalculated score is correct, if not, it is recalculated.

  • - Updated "Copy Windows Small Memory Dump Files" Remote Action documentation
  • - Removed deprecated "Get Windows Information" Remote Action
  • - Added Get Powershell Information
  • - Added Get Windows Information and set the old Get Windows Information to deprecated
  • - Moved Get-GpoStartupImpact to Group Policy content pack and removal of GetStartUpImpact
  • - Get Device Boot Duration was removed due to misleading information. In the future, it will be redesigned and uploaded again
  • - Added Get Device Manager Information
  • - Initial release


This Library pack is a collection of different Remote Action scripts which provide some information of the devices’ health and useful insights for troubleshooting common Windows issues.Please use the links on the left menu to learn more about the function and range of action of each script.

Thank you!