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Software Asset Optimization

Latest Version:


Campaigns - 2
Categories - 2
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 27
Scores - 2

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 10
Windows 7


V6.29 and later


Large enterprises can easily lose track of the amount of software licenses delivered to their employees. Too often, applications are left unused and forgotten on employee devices, silently incurring unnecessary and escalating licensing costs for the business over time.

The Software Asset Optimization pack allows you to detect unused copies of Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Projects licenses across all devices in your network and uninstall them, when appropriate, to realize significant cost savings.

The pack's dashboards allow you to enhance decision-making by tracking:

  • Devices have both Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Projects installed and when they were last used
  • Potential cost savings before taking any action
  • Actual costs savings once you have taken appropriate action

The pack provides a remote action to automatically remove the programs from the devices that are not making active use of them. Alternatively - and to ensure user awareness - the pack provides an Engage campaign that targets these same users to confirm software removal and guide them through the uninstallation.

This pack is key for Technical Service Owners and Software License Officers who wish to optimize software usage and realize important cost savings across the enterprise.




  • - 30 Mar 2021 - Adding keywords and more text to the pack description
  • - 30 Mar 2021 - Initial release
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