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Print Spooler

Resolve issues with the Windows print spooler and speed up the resolution of printer issues.

Script Reset Print Spooler

  • Version – Major refactoring and WMI errors silenced
  • Version – Initial release

Script Description

Clears the print queue of the user by restarting the Spooler service (and dependent services, if any), cleaning the folder ‘%systemroot%\System32\spool\printers’ and cleaning the Win32_PrintJob jobs.
Useful for troubleshooting printing-related issues.

Execution context and suggested scheduling

Run the script as local system. The script should be executed manually.

A timeout of 120 seconds is recommended.




ID Label Type Description
1 Service StringList Information about the Print Spooler service
2 Job Files StringList Names of the job files deleted
3 Print Jobs StringList Description and owner of the Print jobs cleaned


Remote Actions

Required Modules

Nexthink Act




V6.14 and later
Thank you!