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OneDrive – Management

Latest Version:


This pack provides you with Remote Actions that allow you to retrieve various types of information pertaining to the status of OneDrive clients on all the devices within your IT environment.Below is a list of the Remote Actions included in this pack and a brief description of their capability:

  • Get MS Office information: Obtains the size of the OneDrive folder on the local disk.
  • Get OneDrive information: Calculates the space used by OneDrive.
  • Checks the status of the OneDrive application.
  • Get OneDrive Sync Status: Gathers OneDrive sync status from OneDrive logs.
  • Test OneDrive Files Path and Syntax: Tests if the files in a given path are compatible for OneDrive migration.
  • Repair OneDrive: Repairs or Reinstalls OneDrive.
  • Set OneDrive Configuration: Configures registry keys responsible for "SilentAccountConfig", "Files On Demand", and "Update Ring" features of Microsoft OneDrive.


  • - 14 Apr 2021 - Updated "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action description
  • - 03 Feb 2021 - Initial release
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