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Green IT

Latest Version:
Updated on July 29, 2022


Digital workplace technology has a serious and increasing impact on our environment. To reduce their environmental footprint, organizations are turning to those that can best manage workplace technology and make a real difference - IT.

Unfortunately, apart from minor changes to purchasing processes or perhaps an internal email asking employees to reduce printing habits, most IT teams do not have a comprehensive understanding of their Green IT maturity. This holds back the implementation of real, impactful changes at the hardware, infrastructure, and employee behavior level.

So, where do you start your improvement journey?

The Green IT Library Pack enables you to define your organization's level of Green IT maturity with factual and actionable insight. You can understand where you should take action, educate employees about best practices, and reduce unnecessary energy consumption (and their related costs).

This in-depth content pack provides a summary and four focused dashboards to help you:

  • Identify sources of unnecessary energy consumption across devices, hardware components, and IT infrastructure.
  • Drive best practices using remote actions or targeted employee engagement.
  • Monitor carbon footprint in terms of CO2 emitted by the device landscape.
  • Avoid hardware waste by tracking users with multiple unused hardware or detecting devices whose lifecycle can be extended.
  • Quiz your workforce about green IT best practices and deploy targeted engagement campaigns to influence their behavior towards impactful change.

The Green IT Library packs leverage Nexthink's Digital Experience Management capabilities, enabling you to implement and measure the success of your corporate environmental goals without compromising employees' digital experiences.



  • - 29 Jul 2022 - Minor update and enhancement
  • - 25 Jul 2022 - Updated OS requirements
  • - 25 Jul 2022 - Removed references to non-inclusive language
  • - 22 Jul 2022 - Added compatibility for Apple M1 architecture on "Get Battery Status" Remote Action
  • - 04 May 2022 - Minor updates and enhancements to metrics referencing the "Get Consumption Information" Remote Action
  • - 21 Apr 2022 - Added support for Windows 10 ARM devices on "Get Battery Status" Remote Action
  • - 17 Feb 2022 - Fixed documentation typo error in "Get Consumption Information" Remote Action
  • - 16 Feb 2022 - Added support for Windows 10 ARM devices on "Get Consumption Information" Remote Action
  • - Added the proper version of "Get Microsoft Office Information" Remote Action
  • - 10 Feb 2022 - Changed wording in slide out help from Watts/hour to Watt-hours
  • - 02 Dec 2021 - Added functionality on "Get Battery Status" Remote Action to retrieve the battery temperature
  • - 02 Nov 2021 - Minor update to category folder and score file location
  • - 02 Nov 2021 - Minor update to "Get OneDrive Information" Remote Action, one metric and two investigations
  • - 27 Oct 2021 - Execution frequency and suggested scheduling updated on "Get Battery Status", "Set Power Plan", "Get Power Plan", "Get Consumption Information", "Get Microsoft Office Information", "Get User Folder Size" and "Get One Drive Information" Remote Actions
  • - 08 Oct 2021 - Refactored "Get OneDrive Information" Remote Action, fixed an issue with paths longer than 259 characters
  • - 17 Sep 2021 - Adding promotional video
  • - 13 Sep 2021 - Minor enhancements and fixes
  • - 10 Sep 2021 - Minor enhancements and fixes
  • - 09 Sep 2021 - Updated metrics to reference the Get Power plan Remote Action
  • - 09 Sep 2021 - Minor enhancements and fixes
  • - 09 Sep 2021 - Minor enhancements and fixes
  • - 08 Sep 2021 - Initial release


Campaigns - 5
Categories - 3
Dashboards - 5
Investigations - 4
Metrics - 38
Scores - 1

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 7 and newer
MacOS Catalina and newer


V6.29 and later