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Digital Experience Score – without Campaign

Measure and improve the Digital Experience of your employees.



Categories - 2
Dashboards - 6
Metrics - 141
Scores - 6




V6.20 and later
  • - Initial release


A version of Digital Experience Score including also the employee sentiment measured via Nexthink Engage is available here.

The Digital Employee Experience can be defined as "the ability of an employee to get things done by interacting with the IT environment in a safe and enjoyable manner".

By leveraging hard data retrieved from the endpoints, the Digital Employee Experience provides a simple yet actionable way to both monitor the real experience of the employees with their digital workplace and identify opportunities for improvements, which might lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, reduced attrition and reduced time to market. The Digital Employee Experience assesses five areas impacting the digital employee experience:

  • Device
  • Web browsing
  • Business applications
  • Productivity & collaboration tools
  • Security

The Digital Experience Score library pack requires just a couple of simple mandatory configuration steps.

Choice of business applications

  • Identify 6 web-based and 4 desktop-based applications
    • They should include neither browsers nor Microsoft Office suite programs.
    • Give preference to applications widely used in the organization over critical ones used just by a small subset of the employees.
  • In the Finder, customize the two categories contained in the folder "Digital Experience Score":
    • Binaries: edit the auto-tagging conditions for the existing keywords (DesktopApp1, DesktopApp2, etc.) and specify the executable (or application) name of the chosen desktop-based applications;
    • Domains: edit the auto-tagging conditions for the existing keywords (WebApp1, WebApp2, etc.) and specify the domain of the chosen web-based applications.

IMPORTANT: do not modify the names of the keywords, just the auto-tagging conditions.

  • In the Portal, edit the Business apps dashboard to rename all the labels of the widgets related to the 10 applications. Replace Desktop App1, Web App 1, etc. with the actual names of the applications.

Specification of internal domains

Make sure that the internal networks and domains are specified in the Web Console as explained here. This configuration is specific to each Engine. If there are several Engines installed, the internal networks and domains should be set for each one of them.

Digital Experience Score versions

  • 1.0.1
    • Initial campaign notification skipped by default (compatibility: V6.21 or later)
    • Enhanced the list of monitored browser executables
    • Minor modifications to the widgets in the Portal dashboards
  • 1.0.0
    • Initial release


Once the Library Pack is installed, the data collected to compute the Digital Experience Score is automatically shared with Nexthink, allowing Nexthink to provide comparative insights by benchmarking the Organization’s Digital Employee Experience Score against other Organizations. Data collected by Nexthink is non-Identifiable Information be it personal, device or application and it is used for no other purpose than providing such comparative insights.