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Collaboration Optimization


Collaboration Optimization

Latest Version:
Released on May 18, 2021


Modern corporate communication methods are increasingly reliant on instant real-time collaboration solutions, such as Teams, Zoom, or Slack. While these solutions can prove advantageous, inconsistent usage and lack of effective adoption can lead to employee frustrations and ultimately the possible use of uncompliant or "shadow" collaboration tools.

The Collaboration Optimization library pack allows you to measure the actual usage and adoption of a chosen real-time collaboration tool, detect shadow collaboration, engage with users for further context, and identify resistance to change.

This pack is for key EUC Managers and Application Owners who have recently rolled out a new collaboration tool and want to accelerate its adoption, as well as Support teams when performance issues are detected.

Using Focus Time, the pack categorizes four main personas based on their usage of a targeted, pre-determined collaboration tool:

  • Champion employees: high usage of the collaboration tool.
  • Non-engaged employees: low usage of the collaboration tool.
  • Other collaboration tool users: high usage of a different tool approved by IT.
  • Shadow collaboration tool users: high usage of a different tool not approved by IT.

The pack comes with two Engage campaigns for two different employee groups:

  • Champion employee campaign: offer these employees additional hardware (HD webcam, external headset etc) to ensure they have the best experience possible.
  • Non-engaged campaign: investigate employees' opinion of the targeted tool to understand why they are not using it and whether they use a different collaboration tool.

Four dashboards will allow you to review and report this data with key breakdowns by, region, worker type, focus time, operating system, performance, or Digital Experience. This actionable insight provides valuable context to improve decision-making after the deployment of a new collaboration tool.

Note: Similar to the Persona Insight pack, the use of categories allows for the simple customization of targeted collaboration tools so no renaming of metrics or dashboards is required.



  • - 18 May 2021 - Replaced screenshots
  • - 18 May 2021 - Fixed typo in Description
  • - 18 May 2021 - Initial release


Campaigns - 2
Categories - 9
Dashboards - 4
Metrics - 47
Scores - 2

Required Products

Nexthink Engage


Windows 10
Windows 7


V6.29 and later