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Application Auto-Start Impact

Latest Version:


Dashboards - 1
Investigations - 3
Metrics - 3

Required Products

Nexthink Act


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.15 and later


When installing new applications, some of them will auto-start at login. This can slow down the device at user-login time and deteriorate the end-user experience.Over time, the number of auto-start applications will very often increase, making the situation worse. This could cause a performance impact by increasing the total boot time.



  • - 12 Feb 2020 - Re-compilation of "Get-StartUpImpact" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Get-StartUpImpact" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Get-StartUpImpact" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Disable Application From Startup Menu" Remote Action
  • - Reduced the number of required metrics and added "Disable Application from StartUp Menu" Remote Action
  • - Bugfix "Get Startup Impact" Remote Action, returning empty application lists
  • - Updated "Get Startup Impact" Remote Action
  • - Initial release