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Exploring New Integration Opportunities with Azure Data Lake and Power BI

December 8, 2020

From digital transformation to infrastructure optimization, business analytics and data visualization allow IT stakeholders to make sense of complex situations. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, right?

More and more, we see IT organizations combining different sources of information to uncover unique insight, allowing them to detect areas of improvement, find new opportunities, optimize processes and gain that competitive edge.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is a key aspect of any IT modern enterprise which can – and should – be used as a data source to explore new business analytics opportunities.

Nexthink as a data source

Digital Employee Experience management is not a siloed activity. It is a continuous cycle that anchors itself into every IT decision you make as you strive to become more proactive, reduce costs and improve the employee experience.

Nexthink Integrate is a vital element of this cycle. It allows IT teams to embed real-time experience data and key Nexthink capabilities into any preferred third-party solution to enhance their current IT ecosystem. IT teams can easily do this with Nexthink’s versatile Web API, Chatbot SDK and official out-of-the-box connectors, as well as with a more recent integration capability – the Nexthink Event Connector.

Nexthink Event Connector

The Nexthink Event Connector enables IT teams to convert Nexthink real-time experience analytics into pre-defined and relevant events to populate their preferred business analytics tools. This opens the doors to a wide range of valuable data analysis, correlation, management and visualization use cases.

Most notably, this connector has proven essential to Nexthink users with Splunk or ServiceNow be helping them leverage experience-level insight to improve business and IT processes.

For Splunk, users can populate and analyze granular-level events in a very short amount of time, which they can then combine and visualize with other data sources through custom dashboards. For ServiceNow, the integration focuses more on optimizing Service Desk efficiency by sending vital experience events to be converted into problems or incidents based on pre-defined rules. Both offering serious value-adding DEX features and insight.

In addition, last summer, Nexthink introduced a new event receiver capability allowing for a whole new range of integration possibilities – Azure Data Lake.

Azure Data Lake integration

Many IT departments use Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) as an essential data repository and analytics service, allowing them to store essential data and insights in a single place. This data can then be pushed and consumed in countless different ways to combine, visualize and make sense of raw data.

Nexthink allows users to send Nexthink real-time analytics to ADLS Gen2 in a highly configurable way for consumption on preferred external sources. This allows IT teams to collect and consume vital experience-level data around user experience, devices, networks or applications to gain a deeper level of understanding over specific IT or business scenarios.

For instance, let’s take a look at a common ADLS use case – Power BI.

Powering Power BI

By pulling the required data from ADLS—pushed and configured using the event connector— IT teams can create personalized management dashboards and combine different data sources.

One of our more recent examples is with the combination of Microsoft and Nexthink data to gain deeper, actionable insight into MS Teams call quality across the enterprise. In these times of large-scale remote working, such dashboards can provide additional, much-needed visibility of the technical performance and employee experience of a main corporate collaboration tool to proactively improve workforce wellbeing and productivity.

These unique Power BI dashboards allow users to explore and drill-down into the correlation of MS Teams call quality data from Microsoft crossed with Nexthink DEXinsight. This highlights critical insight, such as the root cause analysis of poor call quality or the impact it has on an organization’s MS Teams DEX Score. This can be filtered and viewed from an employee experience perspective or by looking at more technical details such as application or device warnings, errors, metrics and other essential information.

Watch the demo here:

Integration made simple

Nexthink Integrate is a key capability in proactive digital employee experience management by embedding vital experience data and capabilities across your IT ecosystem. Nexthink’s event connector is an essential part of your integration journey not only with ServiceNow and Splunk, but also with the ability to push critical data to ADLS. This allows you to populate and power unique and insightful dashboards for any specific use case to enable new IT or business objectives.

Power BI is just one of the countless examples of new and original integration use cases deployed by Nexthinker customers.

To find out more about Nexthink Integrate, visit our webpage.

Or, to find out how you can leverage experience data in your current IT ecosystem, schedule a demo.