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Pierre-Loïc Kuhn

Pierre-Loïc Kuhn

Pierre-Loïc Kuhn is a Product Marketing Manager at Nexthink.
Pierre-Loïc Kuhn

Pierre-Loïc Kuhn

Pierre-Loïc Kuhn is a Digital Employee Experience leader with hypergrowth start-up experience underpinned by a background in business technology and innovation management. He is a key communicator between the Product Management and Marketing functions, leading the Product Marketing strategy and positioning for The Nexthink Library and Nexthink’s integrations capabilities. From product messaging to customer success, Pierre-Loïc loves to collaborate with many internal and external stakeholders to understand problems, find solutions and drive a great Digital Employee Experience across the world.

Blog|July 1 2022

How One Company’s IT Service Desk Used Automation to Reduce Incident Tickets

How a Northern-European car manufacturer dramatically reduced incoming tickets related to low disk space using 4 key automations. Incident tickets are an unavoidable, routine aspect of working in IT. But failing to identify and solve the root cause of the issue behind repeated tickets will cause unresolved tickets to pile up, creating a huge disruption...
Blog|June 30 2022

No Bug, No Problem: Solving Employee Adoption and Usage of Zoom (Use Case)

How one North American Tech company received a 73% participation rate on their Zoom training despite initial employee resistance  If the Service Desk sees IT tickets pile up around a particular application, their first thought will be to identify and troubleshoot a recent issue or bug. However, employee frustrations aren’t always from technical failures and...
Digital Workplace|June 22 2022

Trouble with Google Chrome and macOS: When Google Helper isn’t Helping

How a US-based consumer goods company reduced ticket count related to performance issues on macOS devices using Chrome as part of their digital collaboration platform. Thanks to digital collaboration tools, the world continues to evolve and accept new hybrid working styles. Today, reliance on these instant messaging, video calls, and conferencing tools has turned collaboration...
Proactivity|June 6 2022

How Proactive IT Prevents IT Tickets from Reaching Critical Mass

If an IT ticket is submitted, then it’s already too late. But what if you could get ahead of the pile up, reduce IT tickets, and solve issues before the tickets ever appear?  Digital workplace technology is evolving fast, fueled by the post-pandemic realization that IT is vitally responsible for the productivity and satisfaction of...
Proactivity|March 24 2022

3 Ways to Enhance Your Service Desk With Real-Time Experience Data

If you’ve never searched for ways to improve help desk efficiency, do you really work in IT? For experienced IT leaders and L1 agents, it’s a familiar problem. It usually sounds something like this: [9:05am] Employee: My PC is slow, can you help me? [10:30am] Service Desk: Hi, I’ve opened your ticket, but I can’t...
Proactivity|March 24 2022

1-Click Fixes in ServiceNow: $20k and 380 Service Desk Hours Saved

When faced with an overload of “simple” L1 tickets, this organization integrated smart automation enabling their L1 agents to stay efficient, save time and avoid rising costs. In just 3 months, the benefits were already evident.  Realized value in 3 months: 1530 executions, resulting in 383h and $20k saved At the end of the day,...
Optimize Experience|February 17 2022

6 Engagement Strategies to Avoid a Sluggish Windows 11 Adoption

Every digital interaction behind a screen depends on the Operating System (OS). It is the most fundamental element of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). But IT pros are understandably apprehensive about their inevitable Windows 11 migration as so many things can go wrong; and with every failure comes additional delays, costs and frustrations – both...
Optimize Experience|February 4 2022

How a company saved 32k hours of IT support and $1.6M on their Windows Migration

A Windows migration is like taking out the trash–you can always delay it, but you’ll have to do it at some point (and you’ll be so happy once it’s done). Unlike taking out the trash, however, the risk of failure throughout the entire migration process is extremely high, especially when you consider all the moving...
Optimize Experience|January 10 2022

Why Are IT Pros Hesitant to Deploy Windows 11?

A key aspect of my job is to speak to End-User Computing (EUC) professionals on a regular basis—analysts, customers, partners, etc.—to better understand their challenges and objectives. Unsurprisingly, one topic has been coming up a lot lately: Windows 11. Surprisingly, nobody wants to actually deploy it. Or, at least, not right now. Why? After countless...
Optimize Experience|October 15 2021

Windows 11 is here. Are you ready to deliver a new experience?

After much anticipation, Windows 11 has finally arrived, taking over as Microsoft’s primary Operating System. With a modern, sleek aesthetic and rearranged start menu and taskbar navigation, the new OS has caught the eyes of the members of the global workforce who will be using it daily very soon (or, at least, before Windows 10’s...
Blog|September 10 2021

Green IT and DEX: Impactful Change Through Employee Experience

The fast-paced adoption of digital workplace technologies provides fantastic opportunities to improve digital employee experience (DEX). But it comes at a cost. Digital technology has a serious—and increasing—impact on our environment, with a carbon footprint of about 4% of global carbon emission (that’s more than the aviation industry’s 2.5% contribution). Today, to reduce their environmental...
Flexible Workplace|August 6 2021

Return to Office: the Vital Role of IT

18 months later, organizations around the globe are slowly but surely starting to welcome their employees back to the office – or at least thinking about it. But this is not a “back to normal” kind of thing. Most will recognize that something’s different this time around. Firstly, there is no clear one-size-fits-all return-to-office strategy....
Integration|March 25 2021

IT Support Fatigue is Real (Here’s How to Solve It)

Have you ever seen one of those old war movies where some grizzled veteran is whispered to have the fabled ‘1,000-yard stare’? Well, you need to keep an eye for it among IT teams too. IT Support Fatigue was already a very real problem before the pandemic, and has only become more severe in the...
Blog|December 16 2020

Nexthink Integrate: Success Stories

A key aspect of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management is the ability to share data across your entire IT ecosystem to enhance key IT and business processes with employee-centric insight. Whether you are looking to improve your ticket management processes or correlate external data sources in your preferred visualization software, experience data should never be...
Blog|December 8 2020

Exploring New Integration Opportunities with Azure Data Lake and Power BI

From digital transformation to infrastructure optimization, business analytics and data visualization allow IT stakeholders to make sense of complex situations. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, right? More and more, we see IT organizations combining different sources of information to uncover unique insight, allowing them to detect areas of improvement, find new opportunities, optimize...
Blog|December 2 2020

Experience Optimization – Virtualization, UX and Insight Upgrades in Latest Release

Since its initial release back in early 2020, Experience Optimization has offered IT teams around the world a prioritized guided process for proactively managing digital employee experience (DEX) across the enterprise. Since then, it has received continuous upgrades with each product release – new DEX Score dashboards, a modernized interface, additional playbooks, updated metrics or...
Blog|December 2 2020

Nexthink Engage: A New Look & Feel

Nexthink Experience 2020.5, the latest product release, introduced a wide range of exciting new features for our customers—from additional Nexthink Act capabilities to Experience Optimization UX improvement. You can find out more on our product documentation page. But one feature we’re thrilled about and just can’t wait for our customers to discover is the new...
Blog|October 9 2020

How to Keep Your Digital Devices Current | Engagement & Automation

Pop quiz: An employee just submitted a ticket to IT about recurring application crashes. When IT finally gets back to them, what is the first thing they ask? Answer: “When did you last update your device?” If this rings true, there is a reason. Outdated devices and applications can quickly detract from digital employee experience...
Blog|September 30 2020

How IT & Employees Can Work Better Together | Engagement & Automation

When employees are faced with a tedious IT ticket process—especially for non-critical issues—most would rather suffer in silence. In fact, an independent survey recently uncovered that only 55% of employee incidents are actually reported to IT. This silence can create significant challenges for IT, in terms of the effect on employees (frustration and productivity losses)...
Blog|October 22 2019

The Millennials Are Here – Sound The Alarm!

Like a slow-moving tsunami, millennials have seeped into every nook and cranny of the modern workplace. I must admit, I’m one of “them”. Just your everyday beany-wearing, meme-sending, coffee-roasting, emoji-speaking, all-entitled millennial. Ok, not all of those stereotypes are true but some do fit. There’s been a lot of shade thrown towards my generation these...